Last Updated: 18 Jan 2021

A lot of game developers dive head first into making their game without really considering many of the finer points as to what a game launch entails. 

Whether this is your first game launch or you’ve done it before, here are 20 key questions you need to be answering as early as possible.

  1. Which social media channels should I use?
  2. What’s my social media content strategy? (number of daily tweets/posts, fresh content to tweet or post)
  3. What’s my marketing strategy and time-frame for launch?
  4. What’s my business model for generating profit?
  5. What’s my marketing budget (if any) and how will I allocate it to different channels?
  6. How will I identify the key media that I need to reach?
  7. How will I approach the media once I’ve identified them?
  8. How do I write a great press release that grabs the media’s attention?
  9. How am I going to pitch my game to the media in as concise a way as possible? (often termed as ‘The elevator pitch’)
  10. What’s my game’s USP (unique selling point of my game)?
  11. How will I position my game against the competition?
  12. What’s my testing and customer research/feedback strategy?
  13. Will my game be freemium or premium?
  14. How will I have my trailer produced?
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  16. What’s my pre-launch hype building strategy?
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  19. What’s my localization strategy for in-game text as well as marketing copy? 
  20. What’s my update road-map? How often will I refresh the content in my app to keep people interested and engaged?