Here in the West, we are so used to seeing games like Candy Crush, Crossy Road and Clash of Clans topping the charts that it’s easy to assume that the mobile games market is dominated by Western publishers.

In fact, the Chinese mobile games market makes up a quarter of the $99.6 BILLION that will be spent on mobile games in 2016. But if that’s the case, how come there are so few Chinese gaming brands finding success outside their home market?

The reality is that a big proportion of Chinese publishers are spending thousands of dollars on unsuccessful launches  – literally throwing money down the drain. Time and time again they make the same mistakes, meaning lots of time and money gets wasted, and download numbers fail to meet expectations.

The good news is that most of these mistakes are easy to correct. We’ve helped dozens of mobile games companies successfully launch their apps in the West – including several major Chinese studios. So for developers and publishers who are serious about succeeding outside of China we’ve collected the lessons we’ve learnt over many years of mobile game launches.

This FREE ebook looks at common mistakes that Chinese mobile game developers make, and gives simple, actionable advice on how to improve a game launch. Topics include:

  • Five reasons that games may be too Chinese for Western audiences
  • How to get featured on the app stores
  • How to use press releases correctly
  • How to work with the media
  • How to use social media to promote your game in the West
  • Why bad translation can kill your game’s chances of success

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- 您的游戏为何不符合西方玩家胃口的五个原因。

- 怎样进入苹果应用的排行榜

- 怎样正确的利用新闻稿

- 怎样跟媒体合作

- 怎样有效的利用社交媒体,在西方市场宣传您的游戏

- 高质量的翻译,以及本地化的重要性,您游戏成功还是失败有可能只有“一字”之差。