Game Reviewer Survey 2018

Incredible insight from over 200 game journalists to get your game noticed

Game journalists are bombarded with hundreds of emails from developers and PR’s requesting some kind of coverage every day. In a matter of seconds, they can decide whether to reject your email or keep reading. But why?

We’ve undertaken (probably) the largest ever survey of games journalists to understand what makes them tick. This survey gives unparalleled insight into the minds of over 200 game reviewers from across the globe including major sites such as Game Informer, PC Gamer, n3rdabl3, Recombu, Forbes, Eurogamer, IGN, VG247, Engadget, Gizmodo, 148 Apps and more.  

In this FREE survey you’ll discover:

  • The key factors that are guaranteed to make journalists REJECT your email in seconds
  • WINNING strategies to write an email pitch that grabs their interest
  • How journalists like to be best approached
  • How to make the media feel valued
  • Where journalists go to find the latest and greatest games
  • The optimal timeframe in which to offer your game for review
  • What journalists REALLY think of social media influencers/streamers
  • Incredible hints, tips and tricks from the journalists themselves to ensure you get coverage

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