Incredible insight from over 1100 gaming influencers on how to get your game noticed


We’ve teamed up with influencer marketing platform Keymailer to create (probably) the most extensive ever global survey of gaming influencers.

The demand for coverage from gaming influencers just keeps increasing. Each week, they can receive hundreds of email requests from developers and PR’s asking for some kind of coverage. Often, in just a few seconds, the video game influencer will decide there and then whether they’ll reject your email or keep reading. But why?

This FREE survey gives incredible insight into the minds of over 1100 gaming influencers from 67 countries. We spoke to influencers of all sizes, big and small, sponsored to non-sponsored to really understand what motivates them.

In this survey you’ll discover:

  • The key factors that are guaranteed to make influencers REJECT your email in seconds
  • How gaming influencers like to be approached
  • The three most essential things influencers consider when receiving a coverage request
  • How to create little touches that make the influencers feel valued
  • Where influencers go to find the latest and greatest games
  • The optimal timeframe in which to offer your game to a gaming influencer for coverage
  • What influencers REALLY think of the traditional games media
  • Incredible hints, tips and tricks from the influncers themselves to help you secure the best chance of coverage

Just fill in your details, and we’ll mail you a link (please be sure to check your spam folder if nothing appears).

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