The Games PR Podcast

Unpacking the 2024 Game Journalist Survey! Join Eurogamer's EiC Tom and the BGM crew as we explore SEO, pitching secrets, & the future of game journalism.
Discover the secrets to turning bland press releases into attention-grabbing powerhouses that propel coverage of your indie game launch. Our insider's guide condenses proven techniques into six essential tips for crafting compelling releases that demand attention.
Navigating the crowded indie game market can be daunting when seeking media coverage. Our comprehensive guide tackles this challenge head-on, offering 13 game-changing insider tips and actionable strategies to elevate your influencer and media outreach efforts.
From choosing the best visual assets to finding your way around features such as the Steam Playtest and the Steam Games Festival, here are our top tips and recommendations for getting the most out of your Steam page. 
B2B PR campaigns are a bit pointless if you can't measure them. Say goodbye to fluffy and unaccountable notions of PR with our in-depth guide to the best way to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
B2B podcasts are a great way to engage your audience and prospects. This in-depth guide is full of everything you need to know about running an amazing B2B podcast in one place. Packed with real-world actionable tips and insight to get you up and running in no time.
We keep seeing B2B PR strategies that make the same mistakes. Yours is probably one of them, but that’s OK because we want to help. And we can – but only if you’re ready to be helped.