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June 2024

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Games Industry Media Trends by Big Games Machine
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Games Industry Media Trends analyses monthly media coverage of critical issues shaping the games industry using keyword searches. Our experts regularly select and review these issues to monitor the most prominent topics and trends. This analysis focuses on English-speaking publications, providing an accurate snapshot for users to explore.


Our research offers insight to businesses in the games industry, clarifying shifting trends and providing guidance on the trajectory of given topics.


We track trends and associated keywords (e.g., ‘mental health’ as well as ‘wellness’) while ensuring these topics remain relevant to the games industry. We exclude any coverage that does not link these keywords to the games industry. Our analytics tools monitor media coverage across thousands of English-speaking publications, not just the games trade press.

Glossary – More info on the topics we’ve chosen

Curious about the trends we’re monitoring? Our comprehensive glossary below will equip you with the knowledge to understand and navigate the dynamic games industry. 

  • AI: The advent of AI has exploded into the games market. This trend looks at AI in the games industry and tracks how much this topic is discussed  
  • Mental Health: As an ongoing issue in the market, we are tracking all areas of mental health in the games industry – from initiatives that aim to improve the well-being and wellness of individuals to issues of online toxicity
  • Diversity: “Diversity continues to be a significant issue in the gaming industry. This trend encompasses a wide range of diversity considerations, including LGBTQIA issues, gender, race, and the differently abled. This topic addresses both positive developments such as diversity and inclusion initiatives, as well as challenges like discrimination and lack of representation within the industry.
  • Monetisation: Models within games that use monetisation have been cause for success and criticism in the industry. This trend focuses on terms associated with monetisation to capture the sentiment in the market
  • Employment: Discussions about employment in the games industry have intensified due to market challenges. We are closely monitoring topics such as layoffs, workplace culture, and crunch to assess their impact on the industry.
  • ESG: Environmental, social, and corporate governance are increasingly important issues in the games industry. This trend encompasses environmental initiatives, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and carbon footprint reduction efforts within the industry.
  • Web3: Blockchain gaming continues to impact the global gaming industry, despite its mostly negative reception. This trend encompasses concepts related to Web3, including Blockchain, NFTs, and other Web3 topics.
  • M&A: A growing discourse in the industry, along with conversations around mergers and acquisitions, is one that we recognise as an essential trend to track. This topic captures the corporate discussions around the games industry. 
Important Note !

This index focuses on media coverage of key industry trends related to making games, not individual games that may dominate media from month to month. So sadly, you won’t find information about specific games like Helldivers 2, Elden Ring, or the latest Zelda game here..


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June 2024 Insights

  • In June, most topics experienced a decline except for diversity and inclusion, which saw a 5% increase in traffic in June. This rise was mainly due to increased discussions during Pride Month and the introduction of relevant initiatives by major game brands such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone’s Pride cosmetic packs.
  • Discussions related to employment, such as layoffs and closures, decreased significantly by 35%. While layoffs continue to occur in the industry, this drop-off is in line with the decreasing volume of layoffs in the sector
  • The biggest news event around employment followed Hidetaka Miyazaki’s comments regarding any risk of From Software facing layoffs.
  • While Web 3 still receives high monthly traffic, it has significantly declined by 20% since April. Most of this traffic is from dedicated Web 3, blockchain, and crypto publications, highlighting the segmented nature of this market.
  • AI remains the dominant topic of discussion in the gaming industry. While its popularity dipped by nearly 10% in June, it still holds the top position. The widespread appeal of AI within and outside the games industry has fueled increased conversations about its potential applications for video game companies, covering both negative and positive aspects.