Episode 13 – Solving the PR Puzzle: Game Dev insights with Rytmos developers Floppy Club

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Episode 13 of The Games PR Podcast sees Jack and Tom joined by Floppy Club, developers of acclaimed music puzzler Rytmos!

Offering a behind-the-scenes look into the game’s development, Niels and Asger reveal the inspirations behind the variety of music contained with Rytmos and explain the complex nature of developing the game’s puzzles. They also discuss the successful launch of the game earlier this year on Nintendo Switch and Steam, alongside the process of porting the game to mobile and the future of Rytmos.  


  • Introducing Niels and Asger from Floppy Club
  • The inspirations behind Rytmos, and how were the puzzles developed to work alongside the musical elements
  • The decision to self-publish and sticking to the original vision
  • Deciding difficulty and how Rytmos is a meditative experience
  • Focusing on the USPs during the PR campaign and selling the concept of Rytmos
  • Trepidation in releasing the game and seeing players and critics reacting to the game
  • Rytmos coming to mobile and the porting process

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Subscribe and listen to the podcast on all your favourite services including Spotify, Podchaser, Amazon Music and more by searching for it or simply find your service of choice right now on Buzzsprout.

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