Episode 14 – Press A To Invest: PR Strategies, Approaching Games Business Media and Securing Investment

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Episode 14 of The Games PR Podcast sees Jack, Amie, and Tom return to the studio. They’re joined by BGM’s very own Max, who’ll provide valuable insights into the benefits of an effective PR strategy when looking to secure investment.

The crew cover various topics surrounding investment opportunities in gaming, including using PR to build credibility, avenues for investment, and successfully approaching business media.  Platforms like Patreon, Kickstarter, and incubator programmes are also discussed.


  • Industry trends and the rise of business-focused media
  • Working with potential investors and increasing chances of success
  • How to build credibility through attending events, making a cred deck and getting your name out there
  • Making use of regional investment opportunities and industry bodies (Check out episode 13 for more information on funding)
  • Crowdfunding, Patreon and Kickstarter: The viability of community investment in your game

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Subscribe and listen to the podcast on all your favourite services including Spotify, Podchaser, Amazon Music and more by searching for it or simply find your service of choice right now on Buzzsprout.

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