Episode 12 – Unleashing PR Magic: Generating PR BUZZ and HEADLINES out of thin air

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The BGM podcast team are back, and this episode of The Games PR Podcast is all about the best ways to make news for your game out of nothing and generate PR BUZZ!

Even if you’ve got no major news or updates to share, there are still some great ways to keep gamers and journalists engaged. From developer diaries to community-focused live streams, join Jack, Tom, Amie, and Alex as they offer their expert advice on the best ways to generate buzz in your game.


  • Choosing appropriate channels to approach with your news (Influencers, your community, or selected media)
  • Trailers: How to best utilise them to fill gaps, and what consumers are looking for in a good trailer
  • Making the most of developer diaries for smaller community-relevant updates
  • Livestreaming through Steam, how you can use this to build communities and show parts of the development process
  • Newsjacking and taking advantage of real-world events (Check out episode 11 for more on this and how to make the most of trends)
  • Get creative, and don’t be afraid to ask for advice from fellow developers or other figures within the industry

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Subscribe and listen to the podcast on all your favourite services including Spotify, Podchaser, Amazon Music and more by searching for it or simply find your service of choice right now on Buzzsprout.

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