Episode 11 – Taking advantage of Trends: Mastering the Cheatcodes for Riding the Trend Waves in Games PR

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Hopping on the trends trend, the BGM crew breakdown the best ways to identify trends, as well as the best ways you can utilise them to level up your PR game! Jack is lamenting the lack of dark modes, and PR veteran Amie joins the podcast for the first time. Oh, and Tom is still hanging around the studio, as always.

We’ll be covering Newsjacking, trend-spotting tools, and even best practices for when you’re pitching to take advantage of the trends you’ve discovered. 


  • Keeping up to date with relevant releases and news
  • Making use of specialised tools such as SteamDB and VGInsights
  • The usefulness of other tools such as Google Trends and Exploding Topics
  • Newsjacking – What is it and how can you use it?
  • Best practises for pitching using trends

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Subscribe and listen to the podcast on all your favourite services including Spotify, Podchaser, Amazon Music and more by searching for it or simply find your service of choice right now on Buzzsprout.

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