With more than 22 million registered players, Destiny  it has quickly become one of the most popular console games, with a vocal and dedicated community. As a London-based tech PR agency with strong experience in the games sector, we decided to use our own personal passion for Destiny as a showcase for what Big Games Machine as an agency can do. Having come up with a unique approach and identity, we then set out to involve other Destiny influencers in the UK who were well known to the wider game community to add legitimacy to our social channels, and also get involved with the meetup to act as a draw for other fans to attend.


Big Ideas Machine!


Destiny in the Pub


XBox and PlayStation

What we did

Launch PR, social media campaign

What we did

  • Working with influencers as well as with Activision has been key to the event’s success.  YouTubers such as MyNameisByf (156,000 subscribers) and Destiny cosplayer Leahloveschief (3,100 subscribers) have helped promote the events as well as attend them.
  • 3D printing experts MyMiniFactory have also provided a range of their amazing lifesize weapons for photo ops at the events
  • We also reached out to a number of other UK-based cosplayers who turned up in full costume
  • We also approached Destiny’s publishers Activision Blizzard UK and they have donated some amazing giveaways including posters, T-Shirts, notebooks, digital content codes and collectable figurines

Facebook and Twitter 

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The results

  • The first event was oversubscribed with 70 people in the function room of a pub in Borough, and the atmosphere was buzzing (we even had one Destiny player from the US come along from his UK vacation).
  • Thanks to MyMiniFactory and Activision UK we were able to raffle some unique prizes, and the feedback for the event was universally popular.
  • We’ve continued to grow the Destiny in the Pub community and have held four events with over 120 people at the last one. Future events are already being organised with more Destiny influencers keen to get involved.
  • Destiny in the Pub continues to go from strength to strength and is a serious event in the UK Destiny event calendar.