Escape Hunt: The Lost Temples

Neon Play approached us to help with the global launch of the escape room game Escape Hunt: The Lost Temples.


Developer Neon Play, creator of blockbuster titles Traffic Panic and the Paper Glider series, approached us to help with the global launch of escape room game Escape Hunt: The Lost Temples. Partnering up with leading global escape room brand Escape Hunt, the title boasted incredibly high production values to set itself apart from other titles in the genre. 

Neon Play 

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Escape Hunt: The Lost Temples

What we did
Global launch PR

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What we did

  • Created a two-phase teaser/preview campaign aimed at media
  • Scripted and project managed the creation of two 1-minute recordings as if they were coming from the main character
  • Personalised the messages to the top 20 media from the game’s main character
  • Messaged the top-tier media as well as other all media with the two records as if we were the servant working for the main character in the game
  • Created the press kit and press release
  • Reached out to over 800 media multiple times offering them the game for review
  • Co-ordinated the allocation of all promo and preview codes
  • Worked closely with Neon Media to produce a branded strategy guide to further drive media interest after launch

A teaser campaign with some real mystery!

We were getting a bit bored with simply sending out preview emails so we suggested something a little different to Neon Play and they gladly agreed. Working closely with Neon Play, we scripted and supervised two recordings to send to the media two days apart.

Pretending the recordings were from the game’s missing character, Professor Le Blanc, we personalised messages to the first names of the top 20 media and had a more general message for the rest. Sent two days apart, the messages were designed to create mystery and intrigue as the Professor finds the mysterious temples and then goes missing. We even name-checked our own trusty Theo (who sent the emails) and placed him in the story as a man-servant, sent to deliver the terrible news of the Professor’s disappearance. Needless to say, the media really liked our fresh approach.

Recording 1 sent to journalists at the beginning of the campaign

Listen as the Professor describes the amazing progress he has made on day one of his explorations to try and find the lost temple of Khmer.

follow-up Recording 2 sent to journalists two days later

Tragedy has struck! The professor sent strict instructions to send this message in the event of his disappearance and only you can help locate him.