Flick Arena Playbook

Mobile game publisher Flaregames got in touch with us to help with the global launch of their new game Flick Arena.


Mobile game publisher Flaregames (creator of smash hit super-addictive title Non-Stop Knight) got in touch with us to help with the global launch of their new game Flick Arena. Designed as a competitive 1 v 1 multiplayer game, Flick Arena pits teams of characters with unique powers against each other in quickfire matches of skill.

Because Flick Arena is based on a high degree of strategy and how players manoeuvre around the field, we quickly recognised the similarity to American Football, especially the complex tactics that are often found inside team ‘Playbooks’.

Client: Flaregames

Platform: Mobile

Project: Flick Arena

What we did: Created a Playbook to help boost interest

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What we did

We proposed the idea to Flaregames to create a parody of the traditional American Football playbook. The idea would be to create something that looked worn and old as if someone had been writing in it for years.

We created a fake coach called Arti ‘The Flick’ Huttman and wrote and designed an authentic-looking playbook complete with:

  • A humourous intro note from Coach Arty himself
  • Essential finger exercises to mimic athletic warm-up exercises one might find in real books
  • Several pages of illustrated strategic ‘Plays’ based on actual strategies from the developer
  • We made the book look like it was old and had been created over the time by using post-it notes, pictures stuck in with sellotape and scribbled notes on the pages as if Arty himself had added them. We wanted the book to look well-worn and heavily used

The Results

Flaregames really loved the Playbook that we created for them. We used the book to help pitch the game into review sites and gain the attention of key media such as TouchArcade and Pocketgamer. Flaregames also used the guide extensively through their social media channels to help drive engagement and awareness for the title. The game went on to be a great success charting top 5 in several countries on iOS and Android.