Little Galaxy

Helping to promote Little Galaxy’s biggest ever update


Created by independent developer Bitmap Galaxy, Little Galaxy is a beautifully designed ‘endless jumper’ aimed at families and casual gamers.

Having achieved over 1 million downloads across iOS and the App Store, Bitmap Galaxy needed an app marketing agency to help promote Little Galaxy’s biggest ever update, as well as help grow and engage their user base on Twitter and Facebook

Client: Bitmap Galaxy 

Platform: iOS & Android

Little Galaxy

What we did: Launch PR, social media campaign

What we did

For the app launch we engaged with traditional app reviewers as well as a large volume of parent bloggers. We managed all aspects of the app outreach including app store optimisation, writing the press release, promo video guidance, in-app texts and much more. We reached out to over 800 media to have the game reviewed. We also spoke to the app store teams at Google Play and The App Store.

Knowing that a lot of our audience were parents, we worked with Bitmap Galaxy to create limited edition Bitmap Galaxy colouring which we used for competitions on social media influencers and parent bloggers. We also scheduled several amazing facts to do with space each day and undertook retweeting and engaging with key Twitter users related to space travel and astronomy.

The Results

Little Galaxy received extensive coverage across multiple app media as well as being featured prominently by both Apple and Google. On social media, we increased the Twitter followers by over 58% and significantly increased engagement across Twitter and Facebook though colouring book competitions, colouring sheet giveaways and other activities.