In early 2019, ad tech company mintegral asked us to devise a pr campaign that would deliver a measurable increase in sales. This is how we did it.


Mintegral is a mobile programmatic advertising platform owned by Mobvista, a publicly-listed ad-tech company based in China with offices around the world.

Mintegral was looking to increase new business leads from Western app and mobile game publishers. Specifically, it wanted to leverage the existing schedule of industry events and conferences- as these are typically the best opportunity for the local sales teams to meet customers and prospects in person.


What we did
PR Campaign

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What we did

We suggested creating an educational mini-summit all about marketing games and apps in China aimed at mobile game publishers.

The event would be held at the same time as Casual Connect London to attract the maximum number of attendees without having to share a platform with other exhibitors and speakers.

Our strategy included PR and content creation, both as a pre-event promotional push and a post-event inbound PR opportunity. The campaign would run for three months, from May to June.

The event was called ‘The Bridge’ to signify Mintegral’s position to its customers as the essential connector between Western companies and the Chinese market; It’s impossible to launch games in China without a local presence, so the easiest way is to work with a local partner based in China – such as Mintegral.

Below are some links to give you a flavour of what this event looked like:

Post-event blog post from the London event: “Three big takeaways for getting your creative strategy right in China”

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How we did it

We came up with three ideas for evergreen, long-form content for generating inbound leads.
To support the event and the social media promotion by the mintegral team, we created some unique, high-quality long-form content that would fit the lead-generation requirements, and also act as the foundation for our ongoing efforts to secure media coverage and position mintegral as thought leaders.

The third component of the campaign was media outreach – the most ‘traditional’ aspect of the pr campaign. We looked to generate media coverage in the niche publications relevant to the B2B side of the mobile games industry.

In every case, the editorial was written by the Big Ideas Machine team and bylined to Mintegral. This was necessary due to the lack of EMEA spokespeople we could put forward for more organic, 1:1 PR opportunities.

The Results

We secured 20 pieces of coverage in key media for the mobile app industry. Based on metrics drawn from coveragebook.Com, this generated over 110,000 views.

Web visits to www.Mintegral.Com increased by 22.6% over the period of april to june, an average of 12,785 extra monthly site visits compared to January 2019.

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