Rogue Islands

Rogue Islands is a first-person shooter where players are in a constant battle for survival.


Rogue Islands is a first-person shooter where players are in a constant battle for survival. The game uses voxel graphics with procedural generation and adaptive AI to change the game based on player skill. Originally developed by Big Fat Alien, an indie studio run by Kiaran Ritchie and his wife Jasmine, Rogue Islands was picked up by Keystone Games, who took over the development of the game following Kiaran’s return to Bioware.

Keystone Games is a developer and publisher with a difference that was created as a way to help raise funds to support life-limited and disabled children.

With the game already available on pre-release on Steam, Big Games Machine was brought on board to help launch Rogue Islands within a short timeframe.

We were asked to engage with global games media and influencers to drive awareness and interest in pre-registration for the game in the first phase. Following this, at launch, we were asked to secure global news, reviews and interviews to raise awareness of the mobile and PC versions.

Keystone Games


Rogue Islands

What we did
Global launch PR

Using the Vital Twig to conjur a Swarm to distract the Vile Shaman in the Golden Waste
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What we did

  • Announced that Keystone Games was taking over development and would be publishing the game
  • We capitalised on the background of its team and decided to focus on the people involved with Rogue Islands to help demonstrate that it had top industry talent behind it
  • Seeded the game with over 800 reviewers and media
  • Ran a front-page carousel promotion on Keymailer and sent keys to over 400 influencers
  • Arranged for a number of media briefings surrounding Rogue Islands, utilising the fact that Whittaker had finalised the launch version of Rogue on the 20 year anniversary of the release of Goldeneye N64 that he had been Development Director of at MGM.

The Results

  • Secured over 90 pieces of coverage including interviews with GamesTM, Retro Gamer Magazine, Trusted Reviews, GamesIndustryBiz and PCGamesInsider
  • Influencers produced over 120 videos with a reach of over 13 million viewers
  • Secured reviews with sites like RockPaperShotgun, GameTyrant, Windows Central as well as a giveaway contest with PCGamesN.
  • As a result of the RockPaperShotgun review, the game helped to inspire the team to discuss Roguelike games on the RPS Podcast – which included almost 20 minutes discussing Rogue Islands