Indie developer Grimwood Team approached us to help with the global launch of atmospheric puzzle game World of One on Steam. With traditional media outreach handled elsewhere, Grimwood Team tasked us to run a comprehensive end-to-end influencer campaign for YouTube and Twitch, hands-on sessions and Let’s Play videos, supported by influencer activity on other social medias such as Twitter.


Grimwood Team

Campaign dates

8th June 2017 – 27th June 2017


World of One



What we did

Keymailer influencer campaign

What we did

  • We created a dedicated influencer-facing press kit which included beautiful concept artwork and straight-to-the-point info on key game features
  • We created a competitor analysis of similar titles to identify relevant influencers we could potentially reach out to for World of World. While these included games that looked visually similar, such as Limbo, we also targeted those who cover particular themed titles (such as puzzle-only games) and influencers with different types of video content, including long plays, live streams, full reviews and walkthroughs for coverage variety
  • Managed the day to day allocation of Steam keys to influencers via Keymailer
  • Arranged and facilitated an advertising campaign on Keymailer to increase exposure
  • Over 500 keys were distributed to verified YouTubers and Twitch influencers via Keymailer

The ResultsĀ 

  • Secured 172 pieces of influencer coverage from 75 gamers across YouTube and Twitch
  • Total coverage reach (the combined audience of every channel that covered the game at least once) surpassed 3.5 million
  • Examples of high-level influencers who covered the game include Scythe Plays (140k subs), Gamer4Ever (140k subs) and Kaftann (100k subs)
  • 374 keys of the 599 offered were redeemed by influencers, giving us a redemption rate of over 62% and evidences the accuracy of our targeting
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