Last Updated: 14 Jan 2020

We’re sure you’ll agree that app marketing can be a daunting prospect.

When you first launch your game or app, there are a thousand things to consider. From soft launch strategy and app store optimisation to video trailer creation, securing reviews, social media and PR.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

We’ve taken a ton of the best app promotion-related links that we’ve been collecting for the last few years.

Below you’ll find what we believe is the most comprehensive collection of resources to help you launch your app or game.

If you can find a more comprehensive resource out there, then let us know.

If you see something that we’ve missed out, then tweet us or mail us to let us know.

App Analytics

App Analytics

It’s essential to know what people are doing once they’ve downloaded your app. There are a lot of free analytics solutions out there in the market and we’ve listed them all in the tools below. It’s also important to distinguish between monitoring your apps’ performance on the app stores versus how people actually behave inside your app. You may need to use two different solutions to ensure that you have an accurate view of both.




App Marketing Agencies

App Marketing & PR agencies 

We understand that you may not possess all the necessary skills to launch your own apps or games which is why agencies exist to do it for you. An experienced app marketing agency will often handle many facets of a launch for you including app store optimisation, securing reviews, advising on social media and even speaking to Apple and Google for you. Here’s a selection of the best app marketing agencies out there.

Blog Posts 


PR & Marketing  Tools

  • Coveragebook: The best way to collate all your media coverage in one place
  • Talkwalker Alerts: Google Alerts on steroids!
  • Promoter: Distribute keys and promo codes as well as track media coverage
  • Woovit – Free service to send out Steam keys to only verified people
  • Woovit Search Database – Find streamers who have covered your competitors
  • Tokens for Mac: Create and share promo codes
  • Redeem Now: Redeem iTunes codes using links
  • Storeview: Preview your app on the App Store before it has been released
  • Hunter: Incredibly useful tool to help you find journalist emails
  • WooPitch: Like Hunter, it helps find journalist emails easily


Newswires are great for spreading news about your app or game. The good news is that a lot of them are completely free. They typically earn money through upselling you premium features.

  • Gamespress: The #1 place to send out your launch press release
  • Indie Games Press: FREE distribution of your indie game press release
  • Robot Said: FREE Indie game press release distribution
  • Reddit Indie Games: A great place to share announcements
  • prMac: The highly affordable go-to service for OSX and iOS news distribution
  • PR Log: General free distribution
App Icon Design

App Icon Design  

Your icon is possibly the first thing that people will see when they look at the app stores. A brilliantly designed app icon tells people what your app or game does and is also a representative of your app’s quality. If an icon is poorly designed then, it is a is a signal that the app is maybe not that great. Think of your app icon as window dressing or the first impression. Below you’ll find some great tools and insight to help you craft a great icon. Don’t forget that your icon is a living thing and many developers will A/B test as well as iterate their icons over time as you should too.



Tools and Resources 

Trailer Production

Game Trailer Production 

The incredible growth of mobile video, as well as the ability for all app stores to show a short trailer, means that having a great looking trailer is essential. A well-produced video can entice customers to download your app and become a valuable tool in your app marketing toolbox.

Blog Posts


There are often people who produce trailers at:




App Store Optimisation

ASO (App Store Optimisation) 

Think of your app store page as being a bit like a store window. You have an amazing opportunity to make your store look as polished as possible to entice customers in. ASO is the art of optimising assets such as your icon, app store text, keywords and other assets to give yourself the best possible chance of someone downloading your app or game.

Guides & Blogs 

Tools and Agencies 

AB testing

A/B Testing and Conversion Optimisation 

Once your app has launched then it becomes an ongoing process of analysing and tweaking. If your goal is to convert customers from free to paid and from short to long-term then it’s essential that you are continually testing different icons, landing pages and in-app flows. These tools are designed to help you optimise this process.

Blogs and Articles

App Review Sites

App Review Sites

There are literally hundreds of review sites so listing them all would be a massive task. The next best thing is for you to visit the links below from people who have taken the time to compile their own review lists.

App Review Lists  

Twitter People

Top App People to Follow on Twitter

There’s a lot of people out there who have experience in apps and games. Whether they are reviewers, marketers or other people in the ecosystem then we’ve selected a few of the best to follow. Don’t forget that you can make a list of Twitter to keep them all in one place.

Market Research

Market Research 

Knowledge is power. As well as understanding how people are using your app or game, it’s also essential to understand what your competitors are doing and how people are finding you app. The links below should give you some useful tools to help understand the wider market.

Prototype and Mockup

Prototyping and Mockups

Before you even start coding, being able to create a mockup of your app is essential to provide a clear framework for how it will look and how customers will use it.



If you can’t self-fund your game or app then there are plenty of opportunities via the crowdfunding sites below.

User feedback and reviews

User Feedback and Reviews 

Continually testing how customers are using your app is just beginning of the feedback process. It’s also essential to try and collect customer feedback and there are several tools you can use as well as the feedback that you receive through the app stores.

Blogs and Articles

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