Last Updated: 10 Jan 2017

Live streaming games have exploded in recent years. Twitch, which is the most popular streaming website and the preferred platform for top gamers, became so popular that Google was going to acquire it for $1 billion two years ago – before pulling out due to ‘antitrust’ issues. Amazon then pounced on Twitch for $970 million, in cash.
Twitch has grown to the extent that the site often gets nearly 1 billion views per month. If you’re a game developer, having your game played by the most successful Twitch streamers can be one of the most efficient ways to drive installs or sales.
Twitch is a website that allows its audiences to watch live-stream of game plays. In a nutshell, a Twitch streamer will play a particular game and shout over it. Simple yet oh, so very entertaining. Amongst the best Twitch channels, streamers will broadcast more than 8 hours a day. If you’re a gamer that’s new to Twitch, then get ready to procrastinate.
We found the 15 top Twitch Streamers by followers. If you want to reach out or set up your own Twitch Stream, then we recommend checking out…

Top Streamer on Twitch

Main Game: Call of Duty Zombies
Followers: 2,454,990
Real Name: Tom Cassell
Factoid: Syndicate was the first ever streamer in the history of Twitch to reach one million followers. As the first to a million, he’s also the most followed on the platform today – and thus our number one and undoubtedly one of the most popular Twitch Streamers.

LOL twitch streamer

Main game: League of Legends
Followers: 1,482,838
Real name: Rabia Yazbek
Factoid: Nightblue is one of the biggest Twitch Streamers for League of Legends. He also raised $30,000 for the Save the Children Organisation. This generous Twitch streamer did a 24-hour non-stop charity live stream to raise money. The in-game goal of the stream was to level up a new account from unranked to Diamond in under 24 hours. For the non-League players, Diamond is the second highest possible rank in League of Legends. Unfortunately, Nightblue was one rank short of achieving his goal, only reaching Platinum. Collective awww.

CS: GO streamer
Main game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Followers: 1,476,582
Real name: ; he Lazar
Factoid: Summit1G used to physically – like with a pen and paper – draw out the Counter-Strike Dust map and plan strategies for his friend and himself. That’s some dedication right there. Also, many people tend to wonder how to get paid on Twitch, or how much streamers make. In Summit1g’s case, it’s all about the fans. During a Counter Strike: Global Offensive live-stream in 2015 one fan enjoyed it so much, that he decided to donate $30,000, which made Summit1G one of the highest paid Twitch streamers that year.

Twitch Streamer
Main game: Arma 3, Dayz, Overwatch
Followers: 1,430,197
Real name: Unknown
Factoid: Usually Lirik spends the first half streaming his main games and then deviates to smaller indie/Steam games. Lirik first started streaming on Twitch back in 2011, the first game he streamed was World of Warcraft. He streamy long time.

Twitch Streamer and Youtuber
Main game: Minecraft
Followers: 1,297,918
Real name: Jordan Maron
Factoid: In the past, CaptainSparklez worked at Machinima (American gaming and media streaming website) before branching out to become a Twitch Streamer. As popular on YouTube as he is on Twitch, with over 9 million subscribers. Talk about pulling power.

Streamer and Professional Gamer
Main game: League of Legends
Followers: 1,275,692
Real name: Michael Santana
Factoid: Part of the North American League of Legends team Dignitas (not the assisted death organisation in Switzerland), his main position in League of Legends is Attack Damage Carry. He picked the name Imaqtpie because his mother said he was cute. Aww, what a sweetie pie.

Top Twitch Streamer
Main game: Variety of Games
Followers: 1,271,307
Real name: Chance Morris
Factoid: Long time veteran Twitch streamer, Sodapoppin first started his Twitch career back in 2008. His streams usually consist of two halves, the first spent playing popular games such as Arma 3 or Pokemon GO; the second spent playing less well known Steam games, such as Furi, or Overcooked. Other than being one of the biggest Twitch streamers he also owns an eSport team called Northern Gaming. Frankly, with a name like ‘Chance Morris, we’re not sure why he needed ‘Sodapoppin.’

Top Streamer
Main game: Deus-Ex Invisible Wars, Rocket League, H1Z1, We Happy Few
Followers: 1,145,918
Real name: Brennon
Factoat first If you don’t succeed…GoldGlove revealed in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) that before his success as a Twitch streamer, he started off making YouTube videos. But, he only saw 1-2k viewers per video, leading him to consider getting a day job. He is proof that hard work and persistence pays off.

Pro gamer and Streamer
Main game: League of Legends
Followers: 1,138,586
Real name: Soren Bjerg
Factoid: Focused mainly on League of Legends, Bjergsen’s preferred position in the game is mid (the game has three lanes, so people who play in the middle are ‘mids’). Other than being a Twitch streamer, Bjergsen is also a professional League of Legends player. He is highly skilled and often nicknamed the Faker of the West (Faker is a Korean League of Legend player and one of the most skilled in the world.) Bjergsen is also a Red Bull athlete. Yup, video game athletes are big business these days.

Counter Strike Streamer
Main game: Counter Strike
Real name: Josh (Surprise Surprise) Beaver
Factoid: Enjoys playing a lot of different games, including Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Pokemon Go and We Happy Few. JoshOG was recently involved in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting scandal. He was amongst one of the Twitch streamers who has been promoting a betting website without disclosing that they were part owners. Still, you live, and you learn.

Ex pro League of Legend player
Main game: League of Legends
Followers: 1,075,062
Real name: Marcus Hill
Factoid: Dyrus’ main position in League of Legend is mid and was a professional League of Legend player before retiring at the end of 2015. Dyrus once nearly burned down the Team Solo Mid gaming house. He tried to microwave some frozen food while his fellow teammates visited the local 7/11. But instead of putting four minutes on the Microwave, he put 40 minutes and went for a shower. Oops.

Skilled LOL player, twitch streamer
Main game: League of Legends
Followers: 1,038,302
Real name: Unknown
Factoid: Purely focused on showcasing his high-level plays, Gosu doesn’t have a face cam, and never even speaks during his streams. Famous for his Vayne mechanics, his content is highly entertaining. Mystery works for some people.

League of Legend Streamer

Main game: League of Legends
Followers: 1,025,245
Real name: Tim Foley
Factoid: Trick2g’s favourite champion in League of Legends is Udyr, and has given himself the modest title of Godyr, get it God Udyr. Trick2g is cocky arrogant but extremely funny. Is he a bit of a dick? Yes. Will you enjoy watching him? Yeah, Trick2g is one of the funniest Twitch streamers out there. He also has a special League of Legend event for his followers called Sub-Wars. In this event a select few of his fans get to take part in a non-ranked League of Legend game, while Trick2g commentates.


FIFA streamerMain game: FIFA
Followers: 1,017,360
Real name: Edwin Castro
Factoid: Like many others streamers on Twitch, Castro jumped on the Pokemon Go waggon. But to accommodate the outdoor exploration aspect of the game, he had to change his live stream setup. Essentially he goes out to catch Pokemon while his girlfriend stays in to manage his Twitch Chat. Winter is coming, though…so, there’s that.

Streamer, Juke Master

Main game: League of Legends
Followers: 957,374
Real name: Robert Van Eijindhoven
Factoid: Siv HD is the unofficial League of Legend “Juke Master”. For those new to League of Legends “Juke” in the context of the game means to lose and confuse a pursuing opponent by breaking the line of sight. Essentially making them look like a bit of a fool. Watching Siv HD toy with his opponents is entertaining, to say the least. Much like watching Bugs Bunny mess with Elmer Fudd, Road Runner evading Wile E Coyote, Jerry eluding Tom, Tweety humiliating Sylvester. I would go on but I’m running out of examples as well as verbs to use, and I think you get the picture.

Honourable Mention

Banned twitch Streamers

PhantomL0rd had over 1.4 million followers and used to be one of the richest Twitch streamers, frequently receiving over $500 per donation. Unfortunately, he was recently banned following the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling scandal.

PhantomL0rd is not just loud and crazy, he is one of the loudest and the craziest Twitch Streamers. He will literally do anything for his audience, even going as far as to lick his dog’s bumhole. Unfortunately when Twitch bans a streamer, their contents are also taken off the website. But his YouTube channel is still there, so if you have a taste for the obscene and obscure, we would recommend checking out PhantomL0rd.

Or….you know…not.


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