Who we are and what we stand for

We’re a close-knit team of lifelong gamers made up of copywriters, ex-journalists, tech aficionados, content strategists, SEO geeks, dog lovers, vinyl junkies – the list goes on.

We’re pretty sure we’d be dazzling company at any dinner party, but we know for sure we’re great to have as a PR partner.

Our philosophy is simple; we don’t just come up with ideas. We come up with ideas that deliver measurable results.

It’s all about “show” and not “tell”.

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we're a WFA (work from anywhere) company

Why spend your life commuting for hours on end on a cold, wet day when you could be luxuriating at home, a local cafe, a swish members club or dare we say…the breathtaking delights of the Italian Tyrol?  (yep, Charlie likes to do that). 

After closing our office when the pandemic hit, we soon realised that WFA was going to become the norm for our company. People really enjoyed it and it also meant that we could recruit talent from all over the UK. After all, the best people can’t all be in London can they?

It also meant that our staff stood a fighting chance of getting their foot on the property ladder in more affordable parts of the country. 

We know it’s not for everyone, but for those who want it, they enjoy freedom and flexibility and we do a LOT to make sure we stay connected and maintain a fantastic connected culture. 

Busy slack channels, quarterly company in-person meet-ups, weekly Friday club sessions for banter and multiplayer gaming plus much more.  We also give everyone a monthly wellbeing allowance to pay for gym membership, a local workspace or whatever they like.

Not bad eh? 

Our Values

We know you have the choice of working with several agencies, but we’re a games PR agency with clear values that help set us apart from others. Take a look at what makes us tick and why we think you should work with us.


If you’re looking for a bunch of yes people, then sadly, we’re not it. We’re all about honest feedback, good and bad. This means that we may turn down working with you if we’re not quite right for you. Likewise, we only work with partners we believe in, which is why we’ve rejected far more than we’ve accepted.

Expertise & Knowledge

Everyone who works here is a passionate and knowledgeable gamer with thousands of hours under their belt. We pride ourselves on really knowing our stuff, both in games and the wider industry, with its complexity of trends and issues. We must instil confidence in you that we understand your product to pitch it to suitable targets proactively.


We don’t believe in the bare minimum. We always go the extra mile for clients and continually try to chase down that coverage. If we’re not getting the results, then we’ll keep trying until we do.


We’re not fans of the standard cookie-cutter approach. Just because you’re on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean that we can’t think of some fun ideas to lift you from your competitors. In both our B2B and consumer work, you can see our creativity in action in our case studies.

come Meet the team


James has spent most of his career working in the games industry in various marketing roles. He's been playing games since 1980, when his dad first bought a ZX80. He has extensive experience working on game launches across multiple platforms as well as running B2B campaigns for a wide range of clients looking to target the games industry.

Favourite Game: The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time (N64)




If age ain’t nothing but a number, for John, that number would be 1981 - the year he got a ZX81 for Christmas, and his love of gaming was born. In the (many) years since, John has cut his teeth on a ton of game launches for big global brands and small indies alike. Luckily, his son now gives him the perfect excuse to keep on gaming.

Favourite Game: Pretty much anything GTA or Zelda-related




Mo has more years of experience in B2B tech PR than she will ever admit to, thanks to her time in both UK tech specialist and global multidisciplinary agencies, and more recently as a freelance consultant. Fuelled by coffee and chocolate, preferably simultaneously, she excels at building and delivering strategic communications plans for start-up organisations.

Favourite Game: Professor Layton and the Curious Village


senior account director


Elcin believes there’s a story in everything - that’s why she works in PR. Her career started with volunteering for a lobby group (she won’t tell us which one) before joining the world of tech, never to look back. She has an old-school fondness for point-and-click games and more worryingly, cryptic crosswords.

Favourite Game:


senior account director


At the time of writing, Alex has 1,712 titles in his Steam library and he plans to play them all. Enjoying almost every genre, from AAA to indie art-house, the only notable gap in his videogame knowledge is the sports sim… sorry FIFA.

Favourite Game: The Path


account director


Working across several B2B tech agencies, Max has extensive experience in managing the reputation and relationships of clients with the media and key stakeholders. Having been a gamer ever since he could hold an N64 controller, Max is passionate about the sector and its continued growth in the corporate sphere. His work extends across traditional media relations, including social media strategy, owned content production and events management.

Favourite Game: Alan Wake (Max loves torches/flashlights)




A returning BGM star, Amie, having started her career with the company before taking a six-year hiatus to work in B2B and B2C technology PR, giving her an excellent and varied skill set. She is a passionate Destiny 2 player on all of the consoles yet despite her appetite for wanting to play other games, she can't keep away from the Tower.

Favourite Game:




Jumping straight into the world of PR after graduating from university, Jack is good on his namesake and is BGM’s Jack-of-all-trades. From curating influencer strategy to hosting podcasts, writing releases and coordinating campaigns, he’s been doing it all in the almost 5-years he’s been with the team.

Favourite Game: All of his clients, obviously


account MANAGER


Charlie is a B2B PR and marketing specialist with a passion for all things tech. With a background in studying and practising the arts, Charlie brings his creative flair to every campaign he works on. Oh, and he’s absolutely positive that he did more hunting and fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2 than anyone else during lockdown.

Favourite Game:


account MAnager


Amy graduated from Gloucestershire University where she studied Journalism, and came to realise that PR was more her jam. She spends her days pitching news, securing coverage and bylines, producing podcasts, working on social media, keeping a close on industry news and trends and entertaining her dog, Lenny. She’s unashamedly played enough Sims to last a lifetime!

Favourite Game: Sims 2


account manager


Chris has a background working in Energy and Tech PR for the past three years and is a keen consumer of all things pop culture, endeavouring to bring his creative juices to all accounts. An avid PlayStation gamer powered by a strong espresso, he has followed the platform from PS2 through PS5. He has spent far too many hours playing Crash Bandicoot to admit to and is a huge admirer of Ghosts of Tsushima.

Favourite Game:


senior account exec


Tom joined BGM in 2021 after a brief stint in games journalism. A self-titled lover of all things indie gaming, when he’s not working, you’ll find him working through his backlog on his Steam Deck or leading Scuderia AlphaTauri to Formula 1 glory in his F1 Manager save. Outside of the gaming sphere, you’ll probably catch him travelling the length of the country supporting his home town club, Hull City!

Favourite Game: TLOZ: Breath of the Wild


account exec



Having previously worked in national politics and then run a chain of design and print businesses, Antony’s a latecomer to the world of PR but is making up for lost time. He’s seen and loved it all from Atari, ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro, through to the newest consoles and supercharged gaming PCs. Obsessed with the latest tech toys, he also finds time to occasionally interact with his wife, three children and fluffy dog, Poppy.

Favourite Game: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

account exec


Luke graduated from Solent University with a degree in PR and Multimedia communications. Looking to expand on his knowledge and experience in PR, he has decided to enter the world of Gaming. As an avid sports fan and gamer, Luke has played a copious amount of Football Manager, FIFA, and Fight Night. He still remembers the day he fell in love with gaming, as his parents bought him a PlayStation One complete with Crash Bandicoot and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Favourite Game: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Account Exec


After graduating from the University of Exeter with a First Class degree in Business, Tamsin couldn’t wait to jump into the world of social media marketing! When she’s not playing her beloved Nintendo Switch, Tamsin is an avid concert-goer (with the tour t-shirts to prove it).

Favourite Game:


social media exec





Naomi has many years of experience in meticulously developing, managing and improving the essential functions of a variety of organisations. From High-end property to Classic sports cars she’s ready for anything! Her calm no-nonsense approach ensures Big Games Machine is always a well-oiled one. Aside from being a committed virtual office ninja, pets collector, true crime addict and shameless Eurovision Song Contest super fan, Naomi navigates a busy family life that often revolves around Minecraft, Roblox and Marvel Superheroes.

Favourite Game: Micro Machines 2


office manager

pet corner


I like: Walks, playing fetch, having the inside of my ear rubbed and snacks

I don't like : Eating meals (that much), Having my feet wiped after I've been in the muddy garden, Sudden loud noises (I'm a bit of a coward) and Interacting with people I don't know

Talents/Tricks If there's a treat at the other end, then I'll give my paw, lie down, roll over and I'll also sit and stare at a snack on the floor in front of me until you tell me that I can get it.


cockapoo (owner:james)


I like: Playing fetch, chasing seagulls, pigeons, squirrels and pretty much anything that moves

I don't like : Small fluffy dogs (see above)



patterjack (owner:john)

Maggie Moo

I like: Roast Dinners, Sprinting, Humping my human brothers, Farting, Sliding down hills on my back, Peeing and Pooing on soft carpet, Country parks, singing.

I don't like : Adverse weather, Eastern Europe, Big dogs, Strangers, Displaying any kind of manners or public decency, Kids on swings, Hay bales.

Talents/Tricks: Runs at the speed of light despite being barrel shaped

maggie Moo

french bulldog (owner:naomi)


We like: Tearing up cardboard, pea shoots, carrots and running around with the boomy zoomies! Also, love a cuddle before bed.

We don't like : Being separated from each other and peppers

Talents/Tricks Good at escaping our pen and eating really fast!

lafayette & herucles

mini rex rabbits (owner:tom)


I like: Playing fetch, chasing seagulls, pigeons, squirrels and pretty much anything that moves

I don't like : Small fluffy dogs (see above)



bijon frise(owner:antony)

Rudy & Reggie

Rudy likes: Making friends with other dogs, swimming, and pets from everyone. Reggie likes: Walks, sticks, and eating anything I can find

Rudy doesn't like : Being picked up, the mop, and the hoover (My nemesis).Reggie doesn't like : Water, balloons, or fireworks

Ridy's Talents/Tricks: When I'm asked to lie down, I always do a little spin. Just so I can get my treat.Reggy's Talents/Tricks:I can jump up on my windowsill, even though I shouldn't be up there

rudy & reggie

Staffies (owner:luke)


I like: Walks, howling, socks, crocs (the only shoe I like to chew) and cheese!

I don't like : The postman, baths, dogs who won’t play with me

Talents/Tricks Escaping the bath like a ninja


Shih Tzu(owner:amy)


I like: Going outside for three minutes at a time, Aggressive strokes, Keeping myself looking incredible, Dancing on the bed after its just been made, Smoked salmon

I don't like : Getting my feet wet, Children under the age of six, rain, lawn mowers, hedgehogs, my human dad

Talents/Tricks Zero other than taking peoples breath away with his beauty



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