Our Values


If we don't truly believe in your game then we'll tell you and we won't take your money. Likewise, we give honest when we're working with you - good or bad.


Everyone who works here is a passionate and knowledgeable gamer. We need to instil confidence in you that we'll understand your product and be able to pitch it.


We don't believe in the bare minimum. We always go the extra mile for clients and continually try to chase down that coverage


We're not fans of the standard cookie-cutter approach. Just because you may be on a budget it doesn't mean that we can't think of some fun ideas to lift you up from your competitors.

Meet the team

Please allow us to introduce the BGM crew that work tirelessly day and night to deliver you great coverage.

James, Director

James is a dyed in the wool gamer with over 35 years of endless thumb-action under his belt.  He’s worked on hundreds of game launches during his 20+ years in the industry from big brands like Marvel all the way through to small indies.  

Favourite Game: The Legend of Zelda, The Ocarina of Time (N64) 

John, Director

John has cut his teeth on a ton of game launches and loves nothing more than running the raffle at our regular Destiny in the Pub launches. He just bought a Nintendo Switch and is looking forward to losing himself in the world of Hyrule.

Favourite Game: GTA 5

Theo, Consultant

Theo possesses a scarily encyclopedic knowledge of games and can be relied upon to answer pretty much any question about games in the office. He’s currently a bit worried because his PS4 drive is full of games he’s yet to play.

Favourite Game: Anything Metal Gear Solid (hence his picture)

Ifrah, Consultant

Ifrah is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to games PR and delivering great results. Ifrah’s love for fighting games knows no bounds and we challenge anyone to take her on.

Favourite Game: Mortal Kombat series 

Jack, Jr Consultant

Jack may be the youngest and newest addition to the team but he’s the one that works tirelessly to keep the wheels turning. He especially loves his Japanese titles and is a bit of a Pokemon Master.

Favourite Game: Anything Pokemon