Who we are and what we stand for

We’re a close-knit team of lifelong gamers made up of copywriters, ex-journalists, tech aficionados, content strategists, SEO geeks, dog lovers, vinyl junkies – the list goes on.

We’re pretty sure we’d be dazzling company at any dinner party, but we know for sure we’re great to have as a PR partner.

Our philosophy is simple; we don’t just come up with ideas. We come up with ideas that deliver measurable results.

It’s all about “show” and not “tell”.


Our Values

We know you have the choice of working with several agencies, but we’re a games PR agency with clear values that help set us apart from others. Take a look at what makes us tick and why we think you should work with us.


If you’re looking for a bunch of yes people, then sadly, we’re not it. We’re all about honest feedback, good and bad. This means that we may turn down working with you if we’re not quite right for you. Likewise, we only work with partners we believe in, which is why we’ve rejected far more than we’ve accepted.

Expertise & Knowledge

Everyone who works here is a passionate and knowledgeable gamer with thousands of hours under their belt. We pride ourselves on really knowing our stuff, both in games and the wider industry, with its complexity of trends and issues. We must instil confidence in you that we understand your product to pitch it to suitable targets proactively.


We don’t believe in the bare minimum. We always go the extra mile for clients and continually try to chase down that coverage. If we’re not getting the results, then we’ll keep trying until we do.


We’re not fans of the standard cookie-cutter approach. Just because you’re on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean that we can’t think of some fun ideas to lift you from your competitors. In both our B2B and consumer work, you can see our creativity in action in our case studies.

Meet the team


James is a dyed in the wool gamer with over 35 years of endless thumb-action under his belt. He’s worked on hundreds of game launches during his 20+ years in the industry from big brands like Marvel all the way through to small indies.

Favourite Game: The Legend of Zelda, The Ocarina of Time (N64)




John has cut his teeth on a ton of game launches and loves nothing more than running the raffle at our regular Destiny in the Pub launches. He just bought a Nintendo Switch and is looking forward to losing himself in the world of Hyrule.

Favourite Game: GTA 5




Kirsten started out in the SaaS industry just over a decade ago, marketing super-sexy products like Helpdesk and Enterprise Content Management software for several large organisations. As a result, has uttered the words “digital transformation” more times than she cares to think about. Is now almost as obsessed with evangelising about Inbound PR as she is with true-crime podcasts. Almost.


Head of Agency Development


Judit is a PR and marketing specialist with ten years of experience in communications, brand building and automation, previously working for global brands such as Amazon and Ricoh. Judit is passionate about content and storytelling, and its power to generate growth through inbound PR. And as if that isn't enough, Judit lectures at undergraduate and professional levels in her free time on topics including digital marketing, marketing automation, PPC, social media, SEO and analytics. What an overachiever, right 😉


account director


At the time of writing, Alex has 1,712 titles in his Steam library and he plans to play them all. Enjoying almost every genre, from AAA to indie art-house, the only notable gap in his videogame knowledge is the sports sim… sorry FIFA.

Favourite Game: The Path


senior account manager


Carla is an Integrated Communications specialist with 5 years experience in the games industry. She is passionate about creating an inbound PR approach through storytelling and content creation. Previously working with Blizzard Entertainment at an international level, Carla is a keen gamer who embraces her inner geek in anything she does. Oh, and she just built the mother of all water-cooled PCs.


Account manager


Jack graduated from Cardiff University’s school of journalism, studying the likes of PR, data journalism, and media law for three years before jumping straight into the world of games PR. Jack wields a genuine affinity for all things tech and has extensive knowledge of the games industry, having worked on global game launches for every major platform as well as curating and leading influencer strategy. Powered by Red Bull, Jack considers winning the World Cup with South Korea and guiding Maidstone United to back-to-back Champions League success on Football Manager among his proudest achievements in gaming.


senior account exec


Charlie is a B2B PR and marketing specialist with a passion for all things tech. With a background in studying and practising the arts, Charlie brings his creative flair to every campaign he works on. Oh, and he’s absolutely positive that he did more hunting and fishing in Red Dead Redemption 2 than anyone else during lockdown.


senior account exec


Amy graduated from Gloucestershire University where she studied Journalism, and came to realise that PR was more her jam. She spends her days pitching news, securing coverage and bylines, producing podcasts, working on social media, keeping a close on industry news and trends and entertaining her dog, Lenny. She’s unashamedly played enough Sims to last a lifetime!


account exec


Tom is a history graduate and a passionate gamer with a particular soft spot for The Legend of Zelda, Ratchet & Clank, and Pokémon, although you’ll often catch him diving into the latest indie releases on his Nintendo Switch. His gaming backlog might continue to grow but that doesn’t stop him from continuing to buy any and every game that catches his eye. He’s still counting his blessings that he managed to secure a PlayStation 5 on launch day.


account exec