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We create buzz to get your game, product or service noticed by the media and gaming influencers globally.

Our specialist consumer team has worked with (and for) some of the biggest names in gaming, from Activision/Blizzard to Ubisoft. We’re able to draw on our many years of gaming know-how across PC, console and mobile to drive buzz for your game or product globally amongst media and influencers. 

Our experience of working on different game genres covers a huge spectrum from super-strategic deck-building CCG’s, cute co-op games and in-depth RPGs through to epic space games and bloody melee combat titles. 

We offer the wide range of services you’d expect, including PR, influencer relations and copywriting, through to experiential and more. Importantly, we only work with clients and games we really believe in – so we never do a by-the-numbers job.

Whether you’re a solo indie developer, a big global publisher or anything in between looking for PR support, give us a call; we’d love to hear from you.


Our one sweet aim in this life is to get your game, product or service in front of the right people.

Our global PR campaigns deliver time and time again. Most importantly, we’re all experienced gamers with years of media experience under our belt, with some of us previously working as video game journalists.

This means that we’re able to pitch your product to the press in precisely the right way to make sure it stands out from the pack and generates real buzz. Our focus is global, with hundreds of outlets in Europe, the US and beyond. We also have a network of regional PR agencies if you want an extra-special local boost.


Depending on your budget, we connect up-and-coming influencers with your game who have a smaller but engaged following and won’t command the high fees of more established creators. If you’re lucky enough to have an influencer budget, we have the knowledge and the network to facilitate paid partnerships, sponsored content, and brand activations with creators worldwide and on the platforms that matter most to gamers.

We do this by tapping into our extensive network of contacts across YouTube, Twitch and other streaming platforms, from indie games connoisseurs and genre specialists to a variety of game channels and speedrun champions. So, whether it’s putting your games in the hands of leading indie influencers like Splatter Cat and Wanderbots or streaming giants such as Vinesauce and Cr1TiKaL reacting to trailers, our projects can make that big splash you’re looking for.


We get it; you’ve come to a PR agency because you need help with PR, so you want rock-solid advice and guidance.

If that’s the case, you’re in luck, because being super helpful and offering a load of strategic insight is what we do. 

If you want to see how much it matters to us, just look at our Content Hub packed with blogs, videos, ebooks and all kinds of goodies. You want advice? You’ve got it.

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