Working for Big Games Machine

The company mantra of ‘games PR made better’ isn’t just about our work; it applies to everything we do. That’s why we wanted to create a working environment that enables our employees to thrive and have fun.

That means giving everyone on our team the creative freedom to come up with big ideas, regardless of their level, so that they can deliver their best work. 

It also means trusting our employees to set their hours to work around any unforeseen circumstances that might present themselves during the day as they work from home (or practically anywhere, for that matter) or just structure their time for when they are at their most productive.

Beyond that, it also helps that we’re a pretty lovely bunch and meet up regularly, both virtually and in person, for regular gaming sessions and various team-building shenanigans.

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Some of the Perks you get working at BGM


Nobody wants to work on their birthday. Similarly, nobody wants to be worrying about work when they’re moving into a new home. On top of a generous holiday allowance, all BGM employees can take two additional days off: one for their birthday and another if they’re moving home.


Healthy staff equals happy staff. This is why everyone gets private Vitality health insurance with loads of rewards, access to a generous BHSF Health cashback plan for things like dental and optical appointments and a monthly wellness contribution that can go towards a gym membership, local workspace or whatever you fancy. 


We know how to deliver exceptional PR, but we also know how important it is for us to take a break now and again. That’s why we get our team together every Friday afternoon for early-finish gaming sessions to catch up over a few rounds of Mario Kart, and finish at 3pm on Fridays during Summer to give our team plenty of time to enjoy the weekend sun.  

We also have quarterly team events with overnight accommodation; think delicious food, drinks and geeky hijinks, whether that’s speedboating down the Thames, Christmas markets in Edinburgh or AR gaming sessions in Brighton.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend all those hours wrestling to get into the office during rush hour playing Resident Evil instead? We couldn’t agree more, so we decided to let our team continue to work from the comfort of their own home after first closing our offices when the pandemic hit several years ago. We do not enforce mandatory office days, although we support staff that want to have access to a local workspace.


Just because we don’t have physical premises doesn’t mean we save on the office equipment bills. It’s very much the opposite! We provide all our team with a Macbook Air when they join us and extra goodies like a cosy office chair, extra monitors, wireless headphones and more.


Our office hours are 9am–6pm, but we allow our team to be flexible to provide a greater sense of work-life balance. If you need to start work a little later to take your cat to the vet, drop your child off at school, or even just take a break to pop out to the gym for an hour, that’s absolutely fine; we trust you to manage your workload responsibly.

Current Vacancies

We’re always looking for talented people to join the Big Games Machine team! 

If you think you’ve got what it takes, please send a copy of your CV to