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We're here to show you there's a different way to do games PR.

Big Games Machine is the specialist PR agency for the global games industry, covering both B2B and consumer audiences.

As a dedicated video games PR agency, We have unique experience in delivering consumer and B2B PR campaigns for clients around the world. Sure, we could write pages of text telling you how different we are from other agencies, claiming we’re strategic, straight-talking, full of helpful advice and get great results. But you’ve probably seen and heard it all before. 

What you should know is that we’re all about showing and not telling, so please take a look around. If you like what you see, we’d love to hear from you.

We are Big Games Machine and we stand for Games PR. Made better.

What we do

We’re a video games PR agency staffed by a team of highly experienced PR and marketing professionals, and passionate gamers to boot. We’ll work hard to understand what’s unique about you that will get you noticed and find the best channels to reach your audiences. 

Whether it’s a multi-platform game launch targeting consumer media and influencers or a B2B campaign that needs to build trust and drive inbound leads, we have the skills and the knowledge to deliver. 


We help you grow your share of voice, drive inbound leads to your site and build trust in your brand using a combination of PR and inbound marketing. 

Consumer PR

We draw on our many years of gaming know-how across PC, console and mobile to drive buzz for your game or product globally amongst media and influencers.

some of Our Work

PickFu is an online polling platform that helps clients understand their consumer’s purchasing decisions
Analytics company GameRefinery approached us to boost their industry profile and drive more customers
Other Ocean Group approached us to help them with the global launch of their eight-player, survival PC game, Project Winter onto console.
Mixtvision approached us to announce and launch studio fizbin’s forthcoming platform adventure game, minute of islands on pc and consoles.

It’s time to forget about self-serving press releases and mindless spin and embrace an approach built for today’s media landscape.

Content Hub

Consumer PR, PR

Podcast, Strategy

This Halloween episode of The Games PR Podcast sees Jack, Alex and Tom address some of the most fear-inducing areas of games PR. From the fear of rejection to worrying about your game being lost in a wave of new releases, this episode is certainly not for the faint-hearted! The team offer their insights into misconceptions surrounding PR, worries over a game not being newsworthy and much much more.

Whether you’re a journalist, podcaster, YouTuber, Twitcher or an up and coming blogger, let us know and we’ll send you preview builds so you can try the latest titles before they hit the streets.

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