Bridging the AI Divide - How We Helped Inworld AI Gain Industry Trust with Cutting-Edge Research


Newly funded Inworld AI’s vision for AI-powered NPCs (Non-Player Characters) promised to shake up the gaming world. However, building trust and standing out in the crowded industry presented a challenge.

Inworld partnered with us to raise its profile and gain valuable insights to attract potential partners and drive market adoption

Recognising a lack of data and insight on this crucial area of gaming, we proposed a groundbreaking initiative to drive media coverage and quality inbound leads: the first-ever large-scale survey of 1,000 US gamers exploring their perspectives on NPCs and AI integration.

Inworld AI

What We Did
PR and content creation 

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We Orchestrated every step, from initial brainstorming to media coverage, delivering a comprehensive solution

Our Collaborative Approach:

  • Concept & Investment: We conceived the survey idea – The Future of NPCs –  and secured Inworld AI’s buy-in, highlighting its potential to drive thought leadership and market understanding.
  • High-Quality Collateral: Partnering with Inworld AI, we ensured the survey and accompanying materials exuded professionalism, reflecting their commitment to high-quality research.
  • Expert Execution: We partnered with a respected games research agency, managing the selection of a relevant consumer panel, crafting the insightful research questionnaire, and obtaining thorough client feedback.
  • Data Delivery & Insights: We facilitated the final data presentation by the research agency, ensuring Inworld AI gained valuable insights.
  • Compelling Narrative: Our experienced in-house copywriting team crafted the final market research report, translating complex data into actionable insights.
  • Strategic Design: We collaborated with Inworld AI’s designers to create a visually impactful and professional final report.
  • Media Momentum: We wrote a persuasive press release and conducted targeted media outreach, 

Beyond Data: How Unique Research Propelled Inworld AI Forward

Inworld AI, with its vision for AI-powered NPCs, faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive industry. We partnered with Inworld to create a unique research project that yielded valuable insights and tangible benefits:

Media Spotlight: The first-of-its-kind survey attracted significant media coverage, positioning Inworld AI as an expert in the field.

Powerful Sales Tool: Actionable insights transformed into effective sales collateral for trade shows like GDC, engaging potential partners and investors.

Informed Strategy: Equipped with key player preferences, Inworld AI refined its messaging and development roadmap, resonating with the market and establishing itself as a key player in AI-powered NPC development.

This research project wasn’t just about data; it provided a strategic advantage. Inworld AI gained brand awareness, built trust, and acquired valuable tools for market success. 

Read the full report here 


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