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A strategic video game marketing agency founded by games industry veterans.

Big Games Machine is a full-service PR and marketing agency specialising in strategic communications and consultancy for the global video games industry, covering both B2B and B2C audiences. 

Founded by games industry veterans with decades of experience in PR and marketing, we support our clients with everything from media relations and outreach for new video games and product launches to global events management and content creation. 

What we do

No two clients are the same. We’ll work hard to understand what’s unique about you and your business, to understand what needs to be done to get you noticed and the best channels to reach your audiences. 

Whether it’s a multi-platform game launch targeting consumer media and influencers or a B2B campaign that needs to build trust and drive inbound leads, our team of PR experts, comms professionals, creatives and ex-journalists have the skills and knowledge to deliver.

some of Our Work

We teamed up with Stream Hatchet, the leading esports and games streaming insights platform, to leverage its unique data and drive awareness and trust in the games industry and other verticals.
Inworld AI, with its vision for AI-powered NPCs, faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive industry. We partnered with it to create a unique research project that yielded valuable insights and tangible benefits:
Tasked with global comms, we helped launch Savvy Games Group, a $38 billion video game and esports investment titan aiming to revolutionise the MENA region and beyond. From media relations to social buzz, we amplified Savvy's message, establishing it as a force for good in the global games industry.
Our team planned and actioned the global PR campaign for Gamers8, the world's largest gaming and esports event, across four months and multiple phases in 2023.
We spearheaded a media immersion trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for the Next World Forum (NWF), the leading global esports conference. We facilitated travel and logistical arrangements for journalists to attend the event, fostering connections with key stakeholders within the Saudi Esports Federation through dedicated interview sessions.
To celebrate the launch of Scopely's Kingdom Maker, we hosted an epic medieval swordsmanship class in the historic 12th-century Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub, one of the oldest in the UK! Participants learned battle tactics inspired by the game and felt transported back to a time of knights and chivalry.

Work with an agency that speaks the language of gamers, and can utilise its network of contacts and knowledge of the space to deliver the best results.

Content Hub

Tired of creating new content all the time? Discover 80+ ways to revitalize your existing work! Transform blogs into podcasts, infographics into social media gems, and unlock hidden potential. Boost traffic, reach new audiences, and reignite engagement through strategic repurposing. Download our guide today!
Dive into the realm of gaming's most ingenious marketing campaigns. From Halo's breathtaking diorama to Diablo's devilishly sweet chocolate shop, discover how these campaigns captivated audiences and reimagined video game promotion.

Whether you’re a journalist, podcaster, YouTuber, Twitcher or an up and coming blogger, let us know and we’ll send you preview builds so you can try the latest titles before they hit the streets.

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