Creative Services

Effective B2B campaigns are built on big ideas transformed into great content, from white papers and thought-leadership pieces to glossy reports and thought-provoking podcasts.

Most businesses need help with the same problem. Whether it’s coming up with fresh ideas or taking those ideas and turning them into something that’ll generate leads and pique media interest, there’s a chance that you’ve not got the time or resources to make it happen.

Fear not. Our creative services team is here to help.

Creative services is an umbrella term that refers to any service that helps you generate or create content that drives inbound leads. This could be anything from copywriting and editing to graphic design or video production. In short, if it’s creative, it falls under the creative services umbrella, ready to make a splash.

Idea Generation

You’ll need a great idea if you’re looking to hook a prospect or journalist and generate thought leadership.

Whether it’s a byline focused on a hot games industry topic, a piece of bespoke research that helps educate your prospects or something else that solves a problem, we’re here to help. We love video games and all aspects of the industry, which means not only do we come up with great ideas and turn them into something special, but we know who and where to send them to once they’re ready.


We don’t outsource our writing to freelancers like other agencies because we want them to be fully immersed in the accounts they work on.

Our copywriters stay updated on all aspects of the industry, consuming reports and news pieces from every angle. They regularly create high-quality thought-leadership content, SEO-optimised, long and short-form blog posts, client case studies, reports, media bylines, award entries, social media copy, and loads more.

Graphic Design

There’s nothing we hate more than crappy design, and so do your prospects.

If it looks cheap, then the chances are it probably is cheap. Don’t invest in unique content and fall at the final hurdle by getting a junior to manage someone on People Per Hour who churns out a half-baked piece of work. Let us do the heavy lifting and create beautifully designed reports, books, infographics and more to reflect the quality you want to put into the world.

Podcast and video production

What better way to boost your owned channels and build an audience than with a B2B podcast or creating your own series on YouTube?

We’re experienced in all aspects of end-to-end podcast and video production, including:

  • Creating a content schedule 
  • Booking and briefing the hosts and presenters 
  • Booking and briefing guests
  • Creating sonic branding, titles and a logo 
  • Post-production – audio levels and vodcasts 
  • Syndication to multiple services  
  • YouTube SEO optimisation  
  • Creation of a full transcript for SEO
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