Some of the things that we've done for our clients

We’ve been running global campaigns for clients across pretty much every format you can think of.

You can bet that if you’re looking to launch your game on PC, mobile, console or VR, we’ve done it before. Take a look at our case studies to see the creative thinking that we like to put into our campaigns as well as the great results that we’ve been able to deliver.

Fiter by Type

For the past two years, our events team has been responsible for managing the presence of one of the world’s biggest video games and esports companies, Savvy Games Group, at the games industry’s standout event, Gamescom.
Mobile app advertising platform Pangle was already well established in China and Southeast Asia, but it needed our help to raise its profile as it expanded into Europe.
France-based cloud gaming platform Blacknut came to us as it wanted to stand toe-to-toe (or rather server-to-server) with the likes of Google, Nvidia, Microsoft and Amazon.
We’ve been working hand-in-hand with Layer to support its team with all aspects of PR and content creation.
Edgegap approached us to raise awareness of its platform, the benefits it can offer to developers, and why low latency and strong connections are essential part of keeping players happy.
We helped Chinese publisher BiliBili to put some fizz into the announcement of its soda-inspired shooter, Soda Crisis, on Steam.
We worked with Chinese publisher BiliBili to help raise the PR sails on Sailing Era, its nautical-inspired RPG.
We supported Smoking Gun Interactive with the cross-platform launch of its spooky strategy game, Phobies, and its subsequent expansions on PC & mobile.
We provided strategic input and messaging for House Party and PR support with multiple updates and announcements to deliver substantial coverage.
Mixtvision approached us in early 2022 to get the gaming community bubbling with anticipation for its then-upcoming rhythm game, Onde.