Some of the things that we've done for our clients

We’ve been running global campaigns for clients across pretty much any format you can think of.

You can bet that if you’re looking to launch your game on PC, mobile, console or VR we’ve done it before. Take a look at our case studies to see the creative thinking that we like to put into our campaigns as well as the great results that we’ve been able to deliver.

Fiter by Type

Other Ocean Group approached us to help them with the global launch of their eight-player, survival PC game, Project Winter onto console.
PickFu is an online polling platform that helps clients understand their consumer’s purchasing decisions
Mixtvision approached us to announce and launch studio fizbin’s forthcoming platform adventure game, minute of islands on pc and consoles.
Rocwise entertainment approached us to help promote the global launch of their horror-puzzle game, curse of anabelle.
As part of an ongoing project with Lilith games, we promoted a character crossover event between their hit Idle-RPG AFK Arena, and Atlus Games’s highly acclaimed J-RPG, Persona5.
Rocksteady Media approached us to promote its Kickstarter for an ambitious documentary series about the history of the arcade.
Analytics company GameRefinery approached us to boost their industry profile and drive more customers
Our brief was to help increase their profile with target customers as well as drive thought leadership in the media and inbound leads to their site.
Steel Sky Productions approached us to launch their forthcoming pc title Warhammer Underworlds: Online
Ubisoft approached us to help with the global launch of its take on the incredibly popular auto-battler genre for pc and mobile