Some of the things we've done for our clients

We’ve been running global campaigns for clients across pretty much every format you can think of.

You can bet that if you’re looking to launch your game on PC, mobile, console or VR, we’ve done it before. Take a look at our case studies to see the creative thinking that we like to put into our campaigns as well as the great results that we’ve been able to deliver.

Fiter by Type

We teamed up with Stream Hatchet, the leading esports and games streaming insights platform, to leverage its unique data and drive awareness and trust in the games industry and other verticals.
Inworld AI, with its vision for AI-powered NPCs, faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive industry. We partnered with it to create a unique research project that yielded valuable insights and tangible benefits:
Tasked with global comms, we helped launch Savvy Games Group, a $38 billion video game and esports investment titan aiming to revolutionise the MENA region and beyond. From media relations to social buzz, we amplified Savvy's message, establishing it as a force for good in the global games industry.
Our team has spearheaded Savvy Games Group's participation at Gamescom for two consecutive years. With engaging activations and strategic media outreach, we helped it connect with thousands of industry professionals, driving significant brand awareness and lead generation.
China giant Pangle tapped us to crack Europe's mobile ad market. Our targeted campaigns skyrocketed its brand awareness and landed major partnerships, driving user growth.
French cloud gaming disruptor Blacknut approached us to challenge the dominance of Nvidia GeForce Now. Blacknut's focus on cutting-edge low-latency streaming technology and curated libraries offers gamers a compelling alternative to established players.
For the past year, we've been Layer's go-to agency for PR and content creation. From crafting engaging blog posts to managing their influencer outreach, we've helped this innovative licensing tech startup gain significant traction in the global games industry.
We collaborated with Edgegap to increase understanding of its platform among developers interested in minimising lag and ensuring strong player connections, key factors in maintaining player engagement.
With a proven track record in AI solutions across various industries, Utopia Analytics needed help tailoring its expertise to tackle a new challenge: combating online toxicity in the gaming sector. We partnered with Utopia to leverage its powerful AI solution and develop a targeted approach for the unique dynamics of the gaming community.
PickFu, the lightning-fast consumer insights platform, partnered with us to elevate its brand awareness and understanding within the global video games industry through targeted PR campaigns and content creation.
Leading mobile gaming analytics provider GameRefinery partnered with us to elevate its industry profile and attract new customers within the competitive analytics Through targeted communication strategies and compelling content creation, we helped it gain recognition and establish themselves as a valuable resource for game developers.
Leveraging its deep expertise in Apple Search Ads and App Store Optimization, Redbox sought our partnership to elevate its industry profile, position is as a thought leader, and drive qualified leads to its website.