Mobile app advertising platform Pangle was already well established in China and Southeast Asia, but it needed our help to raise its profile as it expanded into Europe.


Pangle, a subsidiary of the Chinese internet giant ByteDance, is the performance advertising network of TikTok for business. It works closely with B2B brands and publishers of all shapes and sizes to help them create interactive and high-performing in-app ad campaigns which boost user acquisition and maximise revenue. 

Pangle approached us at the beginning of 2022 having seen our success working with two other prominent Chinese ad networks, Mobvista and Mintegral. At the time, Pangle already had a solid footing in China and Southeast Asia but was keen to expand the network into Europe and started assembling a business development team in London. It was looking for a PR agency to help them raise the profile of Pangle in an all-new market with press announcements, sponsored editorial, content and event sponsorship.


What We Did

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Our PR support helped Pangle to generate leads in a whole new market

We acted as their council for PR and marketing in the European market, which saw us being the primary point of contact for all media enquiries. We also arranged and drafted copy for a programme of sponsored content across multiple industry websites and publications, such as Business of Apps, PocketGamer, GamesIndustry.Biz and Mobidictum.

Our team also coordinated several press announcements, drafting press releases and handling distribution to the relevant journalists. Examples include Pangle’s expansion into twelve new markets and a report on hypercasual mobile games with games industry research experts, Newzoo.

We also supported Pangle with concept development, messaging, communications and copywriting (web, email, social and blogs) for their Get Ready for Mega campaign, an annual campaign targeting advertisers and publishers at peak shopping season.

We leveraged our past experience of international launches to support Pangle’s transition into the West

Our experience working with Chinese companies and guiding their launches into Western markets gave us a breadth of knowledge to tap into when handling Pangle’s challenging expansion into new territory. 

With so many data sets from previous campaigns to tap into, this experience meant we knew which statistics to focus on and how to position their platform in comparison to competitors, all while showcasing the benefits of advertising through TikTok thanks to our social team’s expertise. 

We previously devised a strategy for Mobvista, one of the largest and most successful advertising technology companies in China to showcase many of the things that make the country a significant opportunity for Western brands. This saw us putting out several pieces of original research to drive inbound leads, such as the first-ever insights into the spending and playing habits of Chinese mobile gamers.

We also supported mobile programmatic advertising platform Mintegral, one of Mobvista’s subsidiaries, by leveraging the existing schedule of industry events and conferences to increase new business leads from Western app and mobile game publishers.

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The results

We generated 11 pieces of coverage supporting their launch which received more than 68K views. These included an informative piece in on Pangle and Newzoo’s joint report into hypercasual gaming, as well as extensive coverage of a new partnership between Pangle and Google AdMob billing. 

Another major highlight was the creation of a newsletter as part of our programme of sponsored content, which was released via Business of Apps. The email performed exceptionally well, coming in 63% higher than the typical benchmark of 100 unique clicks per email, creating valuable leads for Pangle to follow up on.

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Pangle case study coverage