Research & Insight

Creating captivating content with unique insights is the way to go if you want to grab your B2B prospects’ attention and generate media interest.

We specialise in analysing and presenting your data in easy-to-understand formats or collaborating with a research partner to get exclusive, compelling data in front of the media and potential customers, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd.

Creating the brief

With our vast experience in partnering with research and client data, we create briefs that match your requirements. 

We collaborate with our clients to pinpoint the data that holds the power to captivate, and from there, we craft strategies to deliver it as timely insights, be it on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. In addition, we foster partnerships with research experts to develop comprehensive briefs that empower us to extract insights from an expansive pool of gamers and industry insiders numbering in the thousands.

Gathering and analysing data

We recognise that data can originate from various channels, including your platform, customer feedback, or individuals we’ve engaged from the broader public. Regardless of the data’s source, we collaborate closely with our clients and skilled analysts to meticulously review it and extract the most compelling and distinctive insights. These insights are then thoughtfully presented to your target audience, creating a deeper connection and resonance with them.

Packaging up the data

Our experienced copywriting and design teams collaborate seamlessly to transform your research and insights into visually stunning, understandable, and engaging content appealing to journalists and potential clients. Whether it’s a comprehensive 5,000-word research report or a concise journalist insight, our versatile content team possesses the expertise to expertly handle any project, regardless of its scale or complexity.

Maximising the impact of your insight

Producing exceptional content is only half the battle; the other is ensuring it resonates with the intended audience. At our core, we excel in devising impactful launch strategies that enable you to reach that goal. Our team offers invaluable counsel on the most efficient means to get your message out there. We’ll customise various options to align with your specific requirements, including dynamic press releases, compelling blog posts, visually captivating social media updates enriched with charts and infographics, engaging newsletters, and a wealth of other strategies.

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