Savvy Games Group @ Gamescom

For the past two years, our events team has been responsible for managing the presence of one of the world’s biggest video games and esports companies, Savvy Games Group, at the games industry’s standout event, Gamescom.


In 2022, our events team was given the task of project-managing the design, creation and running of a booth at Gamescom for global video games and esports company Savvy Games Group, As a relative newcomer to the industry, this was a real opportunity for Savvy Games Group to put its flag in the ground and set a precedent for the company moving forward.

Of course, our events team delivered. So much so that one year later, we were asked to take things to the next level – our brief was to make the 2023 edition of the Gamescom booth unforgettable by enhancing its size, quality, brand awareness, and impact. 

The goal was to create an impactful and memorable space that would cater to both business and social needs while standing out in a crowd of over 320,000 professionals and consumers. We utilised our best resources and managed the project from start to finish to ensure the project succeeded on all fronts.

Savvy Games Group

What We Did
Event Management


We set out to create a booth that would leave a lasting impression long after Gamescom

The first step was to build on the success of the previous year. To do that, we worked closely with an event agency to co-develop an evolved concept for a booth at Gamescom for Savvy Games Group and its subsidiaries. 

Externally, we had to ensure that the booth stood out from every angle, invoking curiosity and excitement while remaining high class. To achieve this, we blended Savvy Games Group’s modern and sleek internal branding with a touch of Middle Eastern aesthetic, cleverly using elements of the logo to create unique and eye-catching designs that were unlike anything else on the show floor – and which could be replicated at other events. 

At the same time, the booth had to be capable of hosting multiple private meetings simultaneously without risk of disruption. The concept went on to incorporate eight individual meeting rooms, each individually customised to match the branding of Savvy’s business units – including Steer Studios, ESL Faceit Group, and Scopely – ensuring that each team had an appropriate location to build their relationships with key contacts.

We kept key contacts updated while arranging high-end merchandise and catering options

Throughout the nine months of preparation in the run-up to Gamescom 2023, we extensively liaised with all of Savvy’s business units regularly to ensure they were kept up to date with developments as we progressed. 

Alongside this, we made arrangements to ensure that Savvy’s team members received a warm welcome when they arrived at the event. For those visiting Gamescom for the first time, we produced in-depth information packs filled with essential details and guidance on the event. We also created high-quality branded merchandise for senior members of staff.

Our team also sourced external caterers who delivered local organic food for breakfast and lunch on a daily basis for over 20 people and made sure all dietary requirements were prepared for. This ensured the Savvy team and their key guests were well looked after and didn’t waste precious networking time waiting in long queues.


We delivered an incredibly impactful booth

Overall, we created and managed a bespoke booth that stood out from the other hall exhibitors in size and impact. We made the booth look and feel modern, comfortable, private, and spacious, leaving the hustle and bustle of Gamescom behind at the booth entrance. The booth sparked colossal interest and curiosity from passersby, who frequently approached the reception desk to state that “this is the best booth in the B2B halls”.

All other aspects of the event were seamless, which was down to our team being on hand throughout Gamescom, supervising the booth and supporting the relevant CEOs while also supporting the booth staff with managing food, drink, guests and meeting arrangements. The team also worked closely with a videographer to capture the moment, providing in-depth briefs and guidance every step of the way.