Some of the things we've done for our clients

We’ve been running global campaigns for clients across pretty much every format you can think of.

You can bet that if you’re looking to launch your game on PC, mobile, console or VR, we’ve done it before. Take a look at our case studies to see the creative thinking that we like to put into our campaigns as well as the great results that we’ve been able to deliver.

Fiter by Type

Working alongside SOHO Live, we managed the global announcement and secured new show dates for their unique Stardew Valley orchestral tour. Our efforts reached a passionate audience, resulting in sold-out performances across the globe.
We supported Floppy Club in the successful launch of Rytmos, a unique world-music puzzle game that lets you embark on an interplanetary adventure while creating your own tunes. Our PR efforts secured incredible coverage in major gaming publications, highlighting the game's innovative blend of music and puzzles.
Parity Games partnered with us to amplify the reveal of Island of Winds, their upcoming mythical Icelandic adventure. We crafted a captivating press release that secured coverage in major gaming publications, driving significant traffic to the Steam page.
BiliBili's oceanic exploration RPG, Sailing Era, charted a course for success with our help. From crafting captivating press releases to steering community engagement through social media, we helped generate significant buzz and secured coverage in major gaming outlets, setting sail for a smooth voyage.
Working alongside GameChoir, we helped stage the world's largest performance of the Halo theme in August 2023. Our creative influencer partnerships and strategic content creation efforts fuelled excitement for the event, leading to record-breaking participation and global media attention.
Our team planned and actioned the global PR campaign for Gamers8, the world's largest gaming and esports event, across four months and multiple phases in 2023.
We spearheaded a media immersion trip to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for the Next World Forum (NWF), the leading global esports conference. We facilitated travel and logistical arrangements for journalists to attend the event, fostering connections with key stakeholders within the Saudi Esports Federation through dedicated interview sessions.
To celebrate the launch of Scopely's Kingdom Maker, we hosted an epic medieval swordsmanship class in the historic 12th-century Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub, one of the oldest in the UK! Participants learned battle tactics inspired by the game and felt transported back to a time of knights and chivalry.
We spearheaded SimulaM's Kickstarter campaign for its open-world reimagining of the New Testament, helping it reach 150% of its funding goal with targeted social media campaigns and engaging press outreach.
Partnering with BiliBili, we crafted a bubbly splash for the Steam announcement of Soda Crisis, its innovative shooter with a refreshing theme. With engaging influencer partnerships and creative social media content, we reached thirsty gamers worldwide, fuelling anticipation for the game's release.
We guided Smoking Gun Interactive through the chilling launch of Phobies, their unique horror-themed strategy game. Our comprehensive marketing campaign and targeted PR efforts further fuelled anticipation for their PC & mobile expansions, solidifying Phobias' presence in the genre.
We partnered with House Party to provide strategic messaging and ongoing PR support for multiple updates and announcements. Our work resulted in significant media coverage, helping to increase awareness and engagement.