I Am Jesus Christ

We helped SimulaM raise awareness of I Am Jesus Christ during its kickstarter and prologue release


We teamed up with SimulaM from their Kickstarter campaign to the release of their exciting sci-fi prologue demo. Our mission? Craft press releases that balanced the developers’ vision with a touch of virality, grabbing media attention.

We landed coverage in major outlets like IGNGameSpotPC Gamer, and Eurogamer based on the game’s unique concept.

Thanks to our strategic messaging and well-timed code distribution, we rode the prologue’s hype wave, leaving gamers hungry for the full release.

Project: I Am Jesus Christ

Client: SimulaM

Platform: PC

What We Did: Coordinated two strong campaigns during the Kickstarter and prologue release

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What we did

  • Drafted a high-quality press release that clearly highlighted the game’s serious themes whilst also recognising the unusual nature of the project
  • Extensive research into building bespoke media lists with journalists and influencers who would be most interested in the game. 
  • Distributed prologue codes to media, utilising the momentum generated around the new demos release

The Results

  • We secured 148 pieces of coverage over both campaigns. These were viewed more than 8M times by an audience of over 817m.
  • Placed the 2020 Christmas trailer on IGN, which currently sits at over 1.2m views