Kingdom Maker

We raised the profile of scopely's kingdom maker ahead of launch by hosting a medieval fighting class for uk-based journalists


For Kingdom Maker, Scopely’s mobile medieval masterpiece, we crafted a launch campaign as epic as the game itself. Forget boring press releases – we invited journalists to a sword-fighting class at a historic UK pub! After learning to parry and thrust like valiant knights, they feasted on a fit-for-a-king medieval banquet.

This unique experience perfectly captured Kingdom Maker’s spirit, and media devoured it. Coverage spanned mobile giants like Pocket Gamer to wider gaming outlets like Gfinity and GameSpot.

Project: Kingdom Maker

Client: Scopely

Platform: Mobile

What We Did: Promoted the launch of Kingdom Maker by hosting a medieval fighting class, inviting media from across the UK to participate

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What we did

Transported journalists to the medieval realm: We orchestrated an immersive sword-fighting class at a centuries-old UK pub, transforming journalists into battle-ready knights for a day.

Sparked their competitive spirit: Equipped with authentic techniques, attendees engaged in thrilling duels, experiencing the game’s combat firsthand.

Sharpened understanding: A meticulously crafted press release unveiled Kingdom Maker’s unique identity, highlighting its captivating blend of real-time strategy and role-playing gameplay.

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The Results

Our launch campaign for Kingdom Maker successfully generated significant media coverage and awareness. We secured 67 pieces of coverage, reaching an estimated online audience of 525 million and generating 2.1 million views.

The campaign targeted UK media, with a memorable in-person event at a historic pub themed around the game. This approach resonated with key outlets, resulting in coverage from publications like GameSpot, Screen Rant, Pocket Gamer, and VentureBeat.