Island of Winds

We helped Parity Games with announcing their Icelandic-foklore themed Island of Winds for Steam


Parity Games enlisted our help to raise the profile of their upcoming story-driven adventure game, Island of Winds. Transporting players back to 17th century Iceland, the game’s non-violent-focused conflict resolution mechanic gave us plenty of unique angles to approach the media with.

We also made use of the game’s Icelandic setting, as well as eye-catching visual design, to hook journalists during our outreach. This was supported by a plethora of visual and written assets that explained the inspiration behind the game.

Our outreach helped secure coverage in Edge Magazine, Collider, Eurogamer, and IGN.

Project: Island of Winds

Client: Parity Games

Platform: PC

What We Did: Icelandic developer Parity Games asked us to help announce their upcoming adventure game Island of Winds

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What we did

  • Drafted a high-quality launch press release that clearly highlighted the key points of the game in an engaging way. 
  • Extensive research into building bespoke media lists with journalists and influencers who would be most interested in the game. 
  • Approached Edge Magazine and secured an exclusive preview of the game

The Results

  • We secured 58 pieces of coverage. These were viewed more than 1.3M times by an audience of over 160m.
  • Managed to lock in an exclusive early access preview to Edge Magazine
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