Next World Forum Press Tour

Organised a press tour to fly media out to Riyadh to attend the Next World Forum conference and interview key stakeholders in the Saudi Esports Federation


In 2023, our consumer team was tasked with running a press tour for Esports media at the Next World Forum industry conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for the event organizer, the Saudi Esports Federation. 

The goal was to give these journalists an opportunity to meet and interview key SEF figures such as the chairman of the Saudi Esports Federation, his Royal Highness Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, and Chief Esports Officer Faisal Bin Homran.

The press tour would also show the journalists around Boulevard Riyadh City, the venue for the world’s biggest esports and entertainment event, Gamers8, which had just finished another hugely successful season and was another project we were heavily involved in.

Project: Next World Forum Press Tour

Client: Saudi Esports Federation

Platform: N/A

What We Did: Our team spearheaded an exclusive press tour, flying key media representatives from the world of esports to the prestigious Next World Forum conference in Riyadh.

ESI interview

What we did

The first step was to identify the key media targets we knew would be interested in attending the event but who were also the most plugged into the esports scene, given the event’s exclusivity and the limited spaces we had to offer. 

The 2023 edition of the forum included a number of top-tier speakers from the worlds of entertainment, sports, technology, and gaming. Hollywood director Michael Bay and sporting legend Gareth Bale were among the speakers, as were Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan.

Once we had our shortlist of targets curated, we began pitching and quite literally filling up the seats on the airplane with interested journalists in a months-long process from preparation to actioning.

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We worked with the SEF to streamline complex elements such as visas, travel, and accommodation. By taking two members from the BGM team onto the tour with them, we ensured the media would be well looked after and always had a point of contact to reach out to for anything.

Before any interviews, we ensured that the client was fully briefed on each interviewer and created a number of detailed media training documents and resources should they be required. 

This enabled each subject being interviewed to offer the type of information each interviewee wanted. These interviews were successful, maintaining an organic feel, with the preparation serving as a guide, not a rulebook.

The forum attracted over 2,500 delegates from around the world, and in addition to the interviews with SEF members that we facilitate, our journalists were also able to speak with the likes of Team Falcons star Msdossary and VSPO’s Danny Tang with our help.

the results

Creating an authentic impression of the event and showcasing the region’s genuine enthusiasm for gaming was a key focus and one we achieved. The journalists who joined us on the tour loved their time in Riyadh, and those involved here at BGM have unforgettable memories. 

The time and effort required to put this press tour together paid off, with excellent coverage produced by each publication at the event and strong relationships formed with the journalists who attended.

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