Edgegap offers games companies with online and multiplayer games the best possible performance. Edgegap utilises Edge computing to better organise and scale server infrastructure, dynamically manage their server connections for optimal speed and low latency.

On top of all that, Edgegap can save publishers money by increasing the efficiency of their liveops to boot.


Edgegap is an edge computing start-up based in Montreal that uses edge computing and a multi infrastructure platform to bring players closer to the point of server connection, minimizing latency and creating better gameplay experiences for developers. 

This is done through unique software that determines the optimal server location for groups of gamers playing online in different parts of the world, so they always experience the highest speeds. In addition to being simple to deploy, it’s relevant to developers of all sizes because it can dynamically scale in size. 

After securing a seven figure investment during a funding round and going through an extensive rebrand, Edgegap approached us to raise awareness of its platform, the benefits it can offer to developers, and why low latency and strong connections are essential part of keeping players happy.


What We Did

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We raised Edgegap’s profile through extensive media outreach

As a new start-up equipped with relatively unknown technology – especially amongst video game outlets – our focus was on highlighting the importance of Edgegap’s infrastructure and how it’s perfectly placed to solve one of the biggest frustrations facing video game players.

We also raised the profile of the company through a combination of reactive outreach with comment pieces and interview opportunities on trending issues around connectivity in video games, in addition to drafting and distributing press releases on launch announcements. Speaker slots were also secured at multiple industry events.

We created the first-ever survey on online gaming connectivity

Anyone who has ever played games online before and experienced lag and server issues will know how frustrating they can be. But when we first started working with Edgegap, our initial research showed that there wasn’t much information out there into the prominence of connectivity issues. 

This demonstrated a clear opportunity to get the media talking about Edgegap, so we proposed an in-depth qualitative survey of gamers and their experiences with latency and lag when playing online. 

Edgegap was keen on the idea, so we quickly found suitable individuals. We surveyed 1,000 UK and US individuals who played games for a minimum of eight hours per week. The results were startling; 50% said that lag and latency were their top frustration, and 51% blamed latency issues on a game’s developers or the company managing the servers (showing that reputational damage is a real risk).

We took the results and transformed this into a 40-page, fully-designed report (which you can read here) for publication on Edgegap’s website and issued it across B2B media outlets. The response was incredible, with the report rapidly generating multiple inbound business leads and a massive increase in backlinks and web traffic to the Edgegap website.

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The results

Our PR support has led to over 27 pieces of coverage for Edgegap in high-profile B2B media outlets. These have been viewed more than 83K times by an audience of around 2.68m. Some of the key highlights include:

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