how we helped stream hatchet drive games industry awareness and seo power through data-driven marketing


Understanding viewer trends and market shifts is crucial for success in today’s ever-evolving gaming landscape. Stream Hatchet, a pioneering data-rich business intelligence platform, offers unique insights into esports and games across multiple streaming platforms. Recognizing the need to amplify its industry voice and reach critical decision-makers, Stream Hatchet partnered with us to grow its market presence through PR and content creation. 

Inworld AI

What We Did
PR and content creation 

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we adopted a data-driven approach to drive media coverage and inbound leads

Our Collaborative Approach:

We worked hand-in-hand with Stream Hatchet to leverage its data and insights, illuminating the latest game streaming and esports trends for the broader market. Our collaboration encompassed several key initiatives:

  • Shaping Quarterly Reports: We actively contributed to Stream Hatchet’s quarterly reports, providing insightful commentary and editorial expertise. We strategically targeted key trade media with these reports, ensuring maximum readership and industry impact.
  • Trendspotting & “Newsjacking”: We identified emerging trends with news potential through ongoing game industry analysis. We then leveraged Stream Hatchet’s data to offer its unique, data-driven perspective on these key issues, positioning it as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Timely News Alerts: Recognizing the fast-paced nature of the gaming industry, we issued timely news alerts based on Stream Hatchet’s data insights. This informed the media and ensured Stream Hatchet remained at the forefront of industry conversations.
  • High-Impact Annual Report: We collaborated closely with Stream Hatchet to craft a compelling annual report brimming with its data-driven insights. This report garnered impressive media coverage, further amplifying Stream Hatchet’s voice and influence.

digital pr drove valuable backlinks and industry awareness

By working closely with Stream Hatchet and harnessing the power of its data, we successfully informed the market about the latest trends in game streaming and esports, solidifying Stream Hatchet’s position as a leading industry authority.

Media: Featured in top publications like Bloomberg & Forbes, reaching key industry players.

Reach: Expanded beyond gaming media, broadening awareness.

SEO Boost: 300% backlink surge in 6 months, increasing website visibility.

Industry Leader: Recognized for data-driven insights, becoming a trusted partner.

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