As the games market continues to grow, so does the opportunity for B2B companies and vendors to reach thousands of game developers, publishers, marketers and investors.

The problem is, few traditional games PR agencies understand the unique challenges of building effective B2B campaigns.

At Big Games Machine, we have years of experience working with some of the world’s biggest B2B technology companies to help them reach a games industry audience. We understand how to grow your share of voice, drive inbound leads to your site and build trust in your brand. We achieve this by creating unique, informative and helpful content that helps solve your prospects problems using a combination of PR and inbound marketing. 

The result? Tangible business results, coupled with all-important metrics and an insight-driven approach.


Effective B2B PR for games starts with understanding the nuts and bolts of your business to define what you want to say and who you want to say it to.

It’s why we work with all our clients to develop client personas, run competitor PR and content audits, analyse SEO, build market maps, write positioning statements and a whole lot more. 

Before we do anything, we run a fact-finding workshop with you to make sure we understand your company and your business objectives. From there, we’ll develop unique insight and stories that will help you outshine the competition. They won’t have a chance. 


Inbound PR is a forward-looking approach that combines the essential PR skills of storytelling and excellent communications with a measurement-driven, lead-generation inbound marketing approach.

The result? The impact that great content and writing delivers, coupled with that all-important metrics and insights-driven approach.

At Big Games Machine, we create stories built around unique data and insight that capture the attention of journalists and your prospective customers both inside and outside the games industry. Stories that build thought leadership and drive valuable links and prospects back to your site. 

Of course, we also do all the other things you expect too –  including press releases, analyst relations, speaking opps, awards entries, comment opportunities and more.

Content Creation

When it comes to effective B2B PR, awesome content is a must. That’s where we help. 

We’ll look at your content funnel (don’t worry – it won’t hurt) and help you develop a content strategy designed to educate and inform your prospects, build trust and drive leads. 

According to McKinsey, “the average B2B customer now uses six different channels over the course of their decision-making journey”. That’s why we help you develop ebooks, webinars, newsletters, blogs, podcasts and more to grab your audience’s attention. 

Oh, and great content is also really, really good for securing media attention.


A strong focus on SEO literacy is central to our inbound approach to PR. Using the latest SEO tools, we create keyword-driven strategies that help our clients increase their organic rankings and drive more inbound traffic. 

The content we help you build also gets you featured on news sites with high domain authority, generating quality backlinks and signalling to Google that your site is worth ranking higher in online searches.


Just because we’re a PR agency, it doesn’t mean we don’t hate fluffy, unaccountable old school PR as much as you do. 

That’s why we have a metrics-driven approach based on goals and KPIs agreed with you at the outset of the campaign. And when it comes to understanding the impact of our PR activities on your broader marketing and sales strategies, we offer various tiers of reporting packages depending on how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go. 

SEO metrics, social reach, coverage metrics, share of voice, competitor benchmarking – you name it, we can report on it.

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