Noir thriller ‘Interrogation: You will be deceived’ now testing players’ wits and morals on Nintendo Switch

Lead a police task force to unravel a complex plot by overcoming conversational puzzles, discovering characters’ motivations and challenging players’ beliefs.

Munich, Germany – July 28th 2020 – Publisher Mixtvision have announced that Interrogation: You will be deceived, by developer Critique Gaming, is available today on the Nintendo Switch. Leading players to question their own sense of right and wrong, the game places their morals under the spotlight as they assume the role of a detective in charge of a police task force trying to thwart the plans of the shadowy Liberation Front. With the clock ticking, players must use the game’s conversation system to question and emotionally manipulate suspects, unmask the perpetrators and avert disaster. The Nintendo Switch version is the first game on the platform to have been developed with the Defold engine and it brings all of the title’s award-winning visuals and story to life to provide the ultimate way to enjoy Interrogation.

Interrogation invites players to solve complex conversational puzzles and manage a team of investigators in a race against time to stop the Liberation Front’s next attack. Each squad member possesses a unique set of skills and players must learn how to leverage these to uncover the truth from suspects. 

At the heart of Interrogation is its gritty black and white art-style. Developer Critique Gaming has meticulously captured every nuance of each suspect’s body language using rotoscoped photos from over 40 actors. This makes every interaction feel authentic while building the level of tension with every question the player throws at their suspect. Each interrogation offers a distinct challenge, demanding different attitudes and tactics to get suspects to reveal their secrets. Intimidation, guile and empathy, can all be used to achieve the required result – but there is no universal solution. If players find themselves at a dead-end, then there are some… ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques available. But darker methods have ramifications if word gets out.

Tackling real-world socio-political issues such as radicalisation, police brutality and the power balance between the population and the government, Interrogation makes players question their own beliefs. With consequences for every decision and multiple possible endings, it’s up to the player to pick their own truth – and their own path to it. 

Key Features:

  • Use psychological methods to discover suspects’ secrets 
  • Manage a team, resources and uphold the police force’s reputation
  • Striking noir rotoscoped art based on thousands of photos from real actors  
  • Atmospheric music to set the gritty mood (Listen on Spotify)
  • Narrative mode to experience every one of the multiple endings

You can buy Interrogation: You will be deceived now for 12.99 USD/EUR/GBP on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. 

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About Critique Gaming

The Critique Gaming team is an eclectic squad of people with very different social and educational backgrounds, from law and economy to art and programming, with very diverse skill sets. They’ve gathered with the mission of making pointful games that explore important contemporary questions.

About Mixtvision

Mixtvision is an award-winning cross-platform publisher based in Munich, Germany. A dedicated team is working to publish indie games that resonate with players through moving stories and gameplay, inspire thoughts and emotions, and leave a lasting impression.