Dive into the bizarre world of Neebota: 99 Fails for the first time in the bite-sized 99 Fails Lite

Got what it takes to beat the surreal and wacky world of Neebota: 99 Fails? Put that theory to the test now with 99 Fails Lite launching today on Steam and mobile platforms!

Poland, June 15, 2022 – Developer Frying Jelly recommends you start growing out your hair now because you are going to need something to pull out when its upcoming precision platformer Neebota: 99 Fails launches on Steam and consoles later this year. Take control of the young Zeebo as he tries to conquer his increasingly challenging and warped psychedelic dreams and find his way out of the nightmare-inducing dreamworld of Noobota. But those experiencing an excess of follicles can solve that problem today, by plunging into the bite-sized experience of 99 Fails Lite! A prelude to Neebota: 99 Fails, 99 Fails Lite lets players experience one of Zeebo’s many dream layers, but in its own beautiful hand-drawn visual style; out now on Steam, iOS, and Android platforms.

Neebota: 99 Fails dares you to traverse its dream layers, each of which has increasingly challenging levels of difficulty as you struggle to reach the end goal. Every layer features a unique mechanic that must be mastered and defeated to uncover the source of Zeebo’s freakish and bizarre nightmares. Face off against a series of increasingly mind-bending layers with entirely different mechanics as Zeebo morphs into a mix of unsettling forms to haunt your own dreams. These range from a monstrous spider creature that crawls towards the goal to a charging beast with fists bursting from its eyes that must smash a path forward. True masochists can even try out the game’s Endless Mode and experience Zeebo’s nightmares in a never-ending fashion. 

Neebota: 99 Fails is overflowing with off-the-wall aesthetics, and the game’s world of Noobota is packed full of trippy sequences, surreal creations, and unforgettable characters. Coming from the minds at Frying Jelly, a team that previously lent its expertise to titles such as Splitgate and Cooking Simulator, Neebota: 99 Fails shows precisely what can be unleashed (and misery they can inflict) when developers are given total creative freedom. 


  • Plunge into the freakishly surreal dreamworld of Zeebo 
  • Test your skills (and sanity) to the absolute max
  • Take control of all of Zeebo’s bizarre forms and tackle distinct challenges in each layer
  • Experience countless bizarre creations, events and unforgettable characters that will sear themselves into your brain 
  • Global leaderboards and high scores to showcase the best of the best
  • Download 99 Fails Lite now for a small taste of the wacky world of Noobota
  • Neebota: 99 Fails launches on PC and consoles later this year, giving multiple platforms the Neebota: 99 Fails experience

Neebota: 99 Fails is set to launch on PC later this year with a console launch planned in the future. But those looking to go bald right now can download 99 Fails Lite today on iOS, Android and Steam to tackle just one layer of Zeebo’s fiendishly difficult dreams.

To keep up with the latest, follow the game on Twitter, TikTok and Discord. Neebota: 99 Fails is available to add to Steam wishlists now.

About Frying Jelly

Frying Jelly is a game studio focused on creating inimitably original games with rich worlds.

Accessible and competitive games that everyone can play, but few can master! The team has previously consulted and worked on titles such as Splitgate and Cooking Simulator and is now working on its own debut title, Neebota: 99 Fails.