Acclaimed town-builder Outlanders arrives at a new frontier, launching today on Steam!

Reconnect with nature, lead the people of the Outlands and turn frontier settlements into bustling towns; Apple Arcade’s Outlanders is out now on Steam!

Montevideo, Uruguay, March 7th 2023 – Pomelo Games is excited to announce that its care-free settlement builder, Outlanders, is out now on Steam for $14.99! Already a popular title on Apple Arcade, Outlanders settles onto Steam with a refreshed UI and a moving van’s worth of improvements and PC-focused quality-of-life tweaks. Taking the role of a leader of the Outlands, players will be tasked with managing the settlement’s resources, constructing new buildings and, most importantly, ensuring the happiness of each Outlander under their control. 

Outlanders shifts the focus from the typical micro-management experience of the genre to a more relaxing macro-managing approach. The primary campaign in Outlanders presents would-be town leaders with a series of mission-based scenarios that each possess unique completion criteria. Featuring a new settlement, town leader and outlanders every time, the campaign mode is an excellent option for those new to the genre, alongside city-building veterans interested in a more focused experience. No matter the level, maintaining supplies, keeping Outlanders well fed and protecting the surrounding natural environments are essential to success. Each of these campaign levels introduces new mechanics and ideas to the player that, once mastered, can be used in later stages or even the sandbox mode. 

For those more confident in their role as leader of the Outlands, the sandbox mode is the place to be. Creating the perfect town is no easy feat, but sandbox mode gives you the tools and freedom necessary to achieve this. Opt for a themed town, become a beloved leader, or play your own way. Anything is possible in sandbox mode! With a focus on the relationship between people and the natural world, each locale in Outlanders presents players with a natural, unexplored environment to build a thriving community within. Coexistence with these environments is a significant part of laying the foundations of a successful settlement.

The Building Blocks:

  • A care-free  settlement-builder that places the focus on macro management
  • Opt to complete missions in Campaign Mode or go it alone in the sandbox
  • Outlanders is a peaceful experience. No wars, raids or combat
  • Keep the Outlanders happy and help them achieve their wildest dreams!
  • Play at your own pace and relax alongside a carefully-crafted soundtrack

Outlanders arrives on Steam with a host of platform-focused improvements aimed at providing PC players with the same engaging experience that has made the game popular on Apple Arcade. A new PC-friendly UI system arrives at launch, ensuring that any action is just a few mouse clicks away. 

Outlanders is now available on Steam and aims to bring a whole new group of town leaders to this delightful settlement-building adventure following on from its success on Apple Arcade. To keep up to date with everything Outlanders, follow Pomelo Games on Twitter, keep an eye on the website for new information and join the Outlanders Discord.

About Pomelo Games

We are an independent video game development studio from Montevideo, Uruguay. For the last decade, we’ve been developing family-friendly mobile games, and we’re now expanding our horizons to new markets.