Boost your brain with the launch of Addagrams, the puzzle game with personality, arriving on iOS and Android

Word on the street is the game is now out worldwide for players to put their brains to the test

Brooklyn, New York – 25th May 2023 – Addagrams, the word puzzle game with personality, is now available to play worldwide on iOS and Android. Having previously developed brain-tickling physics-based puzzler Tilt: Quill’s Quandary, 1TON Games founder Noah Rosenfield returns solo to the gaming world to break the mould again with Addagrams.

In every mode of Addagrams, including ‘The Daily’ or ‘Classic,’ players must make two words from any mix of the available letter tiles. Successfully completing a round will earn players new letters to take forward on their puzzle-solving journey. The numbers don’t lie – the more letters you use, the higher the score! This is essential for anyone hoping to achieve a perfect score of 99 points and enter the ranks of the exclusive 99 Club!

“With thousands of possible arrangements in every game, every puzzle is just as expressive for each player,” comments CEO and Founder of 1TON Games, Noah Rosenfield. “Addagrams is the realization of my vision to freshen up a stale genre that typically offers only one right answer, chosen – by them – for you. I wanted a puzzle that encouraged players to blaze their own trail, be themselves, and still cross the same finish line, just in their own way. I can’t wait to finally share a fresh, personal, and creative take on a classic puzzle game.”

Addagrams is perfect for both experienced puzzlers and newcomers alike, offering a range of difficulty options that give players access to an expansive library of puzzles as well as an in-depth tutorial that ensures all types of puzzle fans can enjoy their time with this personality-packed puzzler!


  • Limitless puzzle library with endless spelling possibilities 
  • Master The Daily puzzle and spell your way to the 99 Club, updated on a daily basis
  • In-depth player profile which shows key stats across both Classic and Daily game modes
  • Fresh, bright, and engaging interface 
  • Guided tutorial – perfect for embedding new players into the game
  • Multiple difficulty options in the Addagrams store, which gives players access to the full puzzle library

Addagrams is available now to download on iOS and Android for free. Addagrams enthusiasts can keep up to date with the latest news and updates by following the game on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

About 1TON Games

1TON Games Founder and CEO, Noah Rosenfield, is a veteran of the learning games space, having brought to life countless titles for beloved children’s publisher, Scholastic, outside of numerous solo efforts, including 2015’s Tilt: Quill’s Quandary. Addagrams is the newest venture by the Brooklyn-based designer and developer.