Power up your team with a huge 100 summons, and two brand new heroes, as mobile smash-hit AFK Arena celebrates its third anniversary

The blockbuster mobile idle RPG invites players to the birthday party stuffed full of new heroes, exclusive skins and hearty rewards

April 6th, 2022 – AFK Arena celebrates its third birthday this week and is marking the milestone with a massive party that all players new and old are invited to! The party gets started with some incredible anniversary gifts that include 100 summon scrolls, two new heroes, exclusive skins, a web series and more. Players can join the fun by downloading the game for free on Google Play and the App Store and begin summoning over 100 powerful heroes straight away.

Among the stacked roster of heroes are newcomers Audrae and Oku. Representing the Celestial faction, Audrae is an agility-based hero who has strong DPS output and pinpoint ranged attacks. Her ultimate skill, Cosmic Shower, creates meteors that can damage multiple enemies and reduce their ability to heal. Additionally, new to the game is Oku, a member of the fearsome Thorned Vengeance, an infamous band of fanatical Wilders who have sworn to protect the forest by any means necessary. The third-year anniversary also gives a brand new skin to the popular Graveborn hero Baden. Baden can don his new “Star of Rayne” look and head into battle with his “Phantom Assassin” ultimate ability, creating a phantom clone who shares his abilities at the cost of reducing his own health and attack rating.

AFK Arena marks the end of its third incredible year with over 60 million downloads. Since its launch, AFK players have been treated to special appearances from legendary characters from across the multiverse of games and anime. The latest exciting content addition to AFK Arena is the video series ‘Just Esperia Things’. Audiences will be able to watch its cast of brave but reckless heroes on their escapades across Esperia, the world of AFK Arena, in an adventure full of thrills and intrigue. The ‘Just Esperia Things’ trailer is available now to catch a preview of the upcoming series.

Players can recruit their new heroes and join the third-year celebrations now by downloading AFK Arena for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Stay tuned for the latest AFK news and join the 1 million strong community by following their official Facebook page.

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