The runway is clear for AirportSim, making a smooth landing on Steam today!

Don your work boots and overalls – it’s time to get to grips with your airport’s day-to-day ground operations, AirportSim is now available on Steam!

Haarlem, The Netherlands, October 19th, 2023  The realistic ground handling simulator AirportSim has launched on Steam today. Published by Iceberg Interactive, AirportSim has been developed by MS Games with support from MK Studios, developers of mods and DLCs for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lockheed Martin P3D. Prepare for an airport-simulating experience like no other as you don your hi-vis jacket and control vital ground handling roles such as refuelling, transporting passengers, handling luggage, and taxiing aircraft to and from the busy runway. With plenty more jobs to get your teeth into, these are just some of the tasks you’ll encounter on the quest to ensure maximal day-to-day ground-handling efficiency. 

Whether you’re looking to experience the high-pressure environment of a live airport or take a step back and have a more relaxed experience, AirportSim has an extensive set of game modes that present unique gameplay challenges. ‘Scenario’ mode offers a structured experience that will see rookie ground handlers deal with stacked flight plans and sequenced tasks that will require completion to succeed. ‘Challenge’ mode is more focused on high scores. How high can you place yourself on the online leaderboards?! For those looking for a more laidback time at the airport, ‘Free Play’ is perfect; with no rules or fixed tasks, you can play at your own pace with no goals aside from having fun! 

The faithful recreation of licensed airports, such as Florida’s Key West, Warsaw Chopin Airport, and the remote Vagar Airport in the Faroe Islands, enables AirportSim to present prospective ground handlers with a highly realistic experience that is also supported through partnerships with airlines, including Atlantic Airways and WizzAir. Each of the game’s 10+ support vehicles has been designed using industry blueprints to maximise authenticity, and the tasks you’ll be charged with completing are inspired by conversations and interviews with real airport ground handling staff. Developers of MS Games recognise the importance of realism to simulator fans, so they have spared no effort to ensure that AirportSim is built from the ground up to deliver a true-to-life immersive experience.

AirportSim’s weather is calculated using the METAR weather report system, offering the opportunity to incorporate real-world weather patterns and to handle the conditions faced by real-life ground handlers as they encounter them. Alternatively, choose to set your own weather, as each player has the power to curate their own airport experience in a range of different ways.

Feeling the strain of ensuring a smooth-running airport on your own? Invite your fellow ground crew over to your airport, and work alongside them to get the job done, ensuring all your passengers leave happy. Of course, they could also decide to divert off route and provide a rather unhelping hand by disrupting tasks and causing chaos in the terminal.

The Flight Schedule:

  • Licensed and recreated aircraft: Airbus A320Neo and 737Max
  • Ground handling equipment and vehicles recreated on blueprints from real manufacturers
  • Partnered airlines, including Atlantic Airways, WizzAir, Norwegian and EnterAir, with more to come!
  • Faithfully reproduced airports based on Warsaw Chopin, Vagar, Key West and Keflavik, with more arrivals post-launch
  • Varied gameplay experiences through multiple unique game modes
  • Each task in AirportSim is based on interviews with real ground-handling staff
  • Real-time weather using the METAR weather system
  • Steam Workshop support, create your own aircraft skins and gameplay situations
  • Work alongside friends in co-op and ensure smooth operations together

AirportSim is out now on Steam for $34.99, with a launch discount available for early flyers. Keep up to date with the latest post-launch news by visiting the AirportSim website.

About MS GAMES: 

MS GAMES is an independent video game studio based in Warsaw, Poland. Established in 2018, we specialize in developing high-quality, premium indie titles that create engaging stories and dynamic gameplay. Our passionate team is dedicated to its craft, working diligently to produce exceptional results. 

About Iceberg Interactive: 

Iceberg Interactive is an independent video game publisher founded in 2009 by an international group of game industry veterans. Located in Haarlem, The Netherlands, and staffed with avid gamers, Iceberg works closely with an assembly of game developers worldwide, both midsize and indie. Known for many hit franchises, including Killing Floor 2, Maneater, and Circle Empires; the company has enjoyed recent success with PC titles such as Strange Horticulture, Blazing Sails, Chivalry 2, Land of the Vikings, Mahokenshi, Lunacy: Saint Rhodes and King of Retail. Iceberg Interactive has many exciting games coming up, including Hellbreach: Vegas (PC), AirportSim (PC), and Minicology (PC). To learn more, please visit