Restore the World Tree and bring balance to the world when Ark of Charon branches out for a 2024 release on Steam

Raise a settlement upon the back of a beast-like sapling on a nursery-bound journey in this strategic blend of colony simulation and tower defense

Kōnan, Aichi, Japan, March 7th 2024 – Prepare to embark on a treacherous journey to restore the life-giving World Tree and traverse a world brimming with danger when Ark of Charon arrives on Steam in 2024! Published by SUNSOFT and developed by Angoo Inc., Ark of Charon will deliver a seamless blend of colony simulation and tower defense as players take on the role of caretaker to the beast-like sapling of the World Tree. Only by guiding the World Tree sapling to its nursery will it be able to grow and restore balance to a world teetering on the brink of disaster.

Gather resources along the way and turn a small settlement into a bustling mobile fortress, but be warned, space atop the sapling is limited, requiring strategic construction and awareness of gravity, which is essential to maximizing a settlement’s potential and ensuring it doesn’t all come toppling down at the first sign of trouble. Helpful familiars inhabit each caretaker’s colony and can be instructed to harvest, forage, and mine for resources at campsites littered across the route to the nursery. Old relics and lost technologies once used by the human inhabitants of this world await, too, and can be used by caretakers to strengthen the colony and unlock special resources that will strengthen their chances of survival.

Leaving the safety of campsites will see the colony’s strength and power tested by fierce creatures attracted to the life force that emanates from the sapling. Only through the careful construction of a fortified colony on the monolithic sapling’s back can caretakers defeat the relentless hordes that lay ahead on their quest. Deploy powerful weapons, stockpile ammunition, and construct robust defenses to protect the sapling from evil forces determined to halt its journey.

“In rebuilding SUNSOFT, we wanted to look to the future and create something new. The development process has not been easy, but we’ve been able to create a fun and distinctive game blending colony simulation and tower defense,” said SUNSOFT’s Head of Department, Ochi Yuichi. “It’s still a while until everyone can play it, but with Angoo Inc.’s expertise, it is getting better and better each day.”

“We wanted to release a game from a newly reborn SUNSOFT that players across the globe can enjoy. It was this passion that kick-started the production of Ark of Charon, and we’re excited to present this charming and entertaining game to the world,” said Representative Director of Angoo Inc., Hiroshi Nakagawa. He continues, “The release is still a little way off, but the team is working hard to create an enjoyable experience that we can’t wait to see players get their hands on.”

The Features Tree:

  • Fulfill the role of the World Tree’s caretaker and restore life to a world consumed by evil
  • Construct a thriving settlement on the sapling’s back, managing limited space and the forces of gravity
  • Gather resources with the help of familiars, and discover lost human technologies in the earth below
  • Fortify settlements with weapons and defenses to fend off the creatures drawn to the sapling’s life force

Ark of Charon will guide the World Tree’s sapling to Steam in 2024. Stay tuned to SUNSOFT’s official X (fka Twitter) for more details on Ark of Charon before launch. Wishlist the game now on Steam to stay updated with the latest news.