ASTRA: Knights of Veda Reveals Collaboration OST with SEVENTEEN HOSHI

OST for the upcoming MORPG ASTRA: Knights of Veda is now available on major streaming platforms, along with a special ‘making of’ video

Seoul, South Korea, March 4th, 2024 – HYBE INTERACTIVE MEDIA (HYBE IM), part of global entertainment company HYBE, today announced the release of the original soundtrack (OST) featuring HOSHI of SEVENTEEN ahead of ASTRA: Knights of Veda’s official launch, a new game from game developer FLINT. 

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is a 2D action MORPG (Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) set in the fantasy realm of Planis, telling the story of resistance against oppression and darkness. ASTRA: Knights of Veda has been building anticipation ahead of its release later this year through its intense storyline and captivating artwork.

Today at 6 PM KST, the song ‘Goddess of Despair’ was released onto various music streaming platforms. This song marks the first collaboration between HYBE IM and HYBE, with SEVENTEEN’s HOSHI providing vocals and produced by the renowned game composer Go Shiina.

This song reflects the themes of ASTRA: Knights of Veda, conveying a message of not losing hope even when all looks lost. ‘Goddess of Despair’ features a majestic orchestra to effectively convey the game’s atmosphere. HOSHI’s sweet vocals and woodwind instruments add a fairytale-like and mystical ambiance. Additionally, the sharp electric guitar and sweeping melody of the strings express the beautiful cruelty of ASTRA: Knights of Veda.

To celebrate the collaboration with HOSHI, HYBE IM has released a making-of-film that offers fans a glimpse of the creation of the song, featuring live footage of HOSHI recording the song’s vocals, as well as his thoughts on participating in the recording session and enthusiasm for the project. His typically delightful and joyful demeanor is evident throughout and will captivate the hearts of SEVENTEEN’s and ASTRA: Knights of Veda fans.  

New content, including a behind-the-scenes look at the development of ASTRA: Knights of Veda, will be showcased in an online event tomorrow. Titled, the video will be made available via the game’s official YouTube channel. 

More details about HOSHI’s OST and ASTRA: Knights of Veda can be found on the official YouTube channel, Discord community, and the game’s website. 

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Flint is a game developer that strives to impress everyone who loves games. Their previous title, “Dragon Blaze,” received immense devotion over the years, thanks to its vast fantasy storyline and distinctive characters. With over 20 million downloads, it has left a remarkable presence in the Korean mobile collectible RPG game industry. To reward the devoted fans eagerly anticipating a sequel, Flint invested six years in crafting “ASTRA: Knights of Veda,” a dark fantasy action RPG that reimagines the captivating universe of its predecessor. Flint aims to create “ASTRA: Knights of Veda” as an epic work of global 2D, expressing a vast universe and story with over 200 full voice cutscenes. They strive to achieve a flawless game that is fun for everyone and plan to launch it simultaneously worldwide across multiple platforms, including PC and mobile.