Infold Games Announce New Free-to-play Action RPG, Ballad of Antara

A new world-bending adventure begins in 2025

May 30, 2024 – Singapore – Infold Games, global entertainment brand with hit title Love and Deepspace and the upcoming Infinity Nikki in its portfolio, announced a brand-new addition to its line-up, Ballad of Antara, developed by TipsWorks Studio.

Ballad of Antara is a fantasy free to play Action RPG based on a brand new IP, set to release in 2025 on PlayStation 5, PC and mobile platforms. The title debuted its reveal trailer at the prestigious PlayStation State of Play event.

Set in a fantasy land, Ballad of Antara tells the story of a world devastated with the invasion of an ancient force, where “essences” of the land are twisted and lost. Players will journey with Dromos, a mysterious girl on her mission to reunite the sundered world.

Players will meet and join force with Emissaries, powerful entities that wield the force of essences. Experience these playable characters’ unique classes, gameplay capabilities, and enticing, mysterious stories. Each Emissary offers their own skill set, both in fluid action combat where players can dynamically switch among a squad of three, and in world exploration.

In this journey, players will travel to diverse landscapes, explore meticulously crafted gameplay space with intricate level design full of discovery. Explore the Para, the otherworldly dimension where danger lurks at every corner. Seek the truth in the depth of shadows and recover the essences of the world.

Ballad of Antara is developed by TipsWorks Studio. The team previously developed Pascal’s Wager, a hardcore Action RPG first released on mobile platforms in 2020, then Steam and Nintendo Switch in subsequent years. The title garnered high acclaim from press and players alike and has achieved commercial success. To date, Pascal’s Wager has sold over 2 million copies.

Ballad of Antara is developed with the latest Unreal Engine 5 technology, and is expected to launch on PlayStation 5, PC and mobile platforms in 2025.

About Infold Games

Infold Games is a new international business brand launched by Papergames aiming for global expansion. Established in August 2022, Infold Games has achieved remarkable success globally across multiple countries and regions with its latest installment in the Love Series, “Love and Deep Space,” which has been in open beta since January 18, 2024. In May 2024, “Infinity Nikki” conducted offline closed beta tests in North America and Japan, receiving praise from both players and media.