Become King of the Ring in Mighty Fight Federation, the hypest Arena fighter in the galaxy on PC and PlayStation

Put genre conventions into submission and prepare to beat down the competition with this competitive fighting experience unlike any other, available today on PC and PlayStation consoles

February 25th, 2021 – Knoxville, Tennessee – Game publisher Forthright Entertainment and tag-team partner Komi Games are preparing to lay some serious smackdown on the fighting game genre today as Mighty Fight Federation punches its way out of Steam Early Access for PC and enters the ring on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A lovingly-crafted homage to classic 3D arena fighters of yesteryear, Mighty Fight Federation has a zen-like focus on fighting game fundamentals to deliver a frenetic multiplayer no-holds-barred competitive fighting experience with a twist.

Mighty Fight Federation has spent six months in the Early Access gym practising its combos in which time the roster has filled up with 13 warriors from across the multiverse. Whether players prefer a powerful mauler, an agile technician or an unpredictable wildcard – Mighty Fight Federation’s squad is ready to rumble with a mix of exciting original characters and licensed crossovers including classics like ’Toejam & Earl’ and ‘Yooka and Laylee’, with ‘Kunio & Riki’ from River City Ransom coming soon as DLC. Now, the game’s incredible line-up is set to enter the ring and do battle against one another in the most electrifying pay-per-view event in the universe – The Mighty Fight Federation!

Mighty Fight Federation’s innovative combat system features ‘Hype’ mechanics that gives players the option to zone, evade, counter and play mind-games with their opponents no matter their fighting style. Unlike traditional fighters, in Mighty Fight Federation attacks can’t be blocked; instead, combos and attacks can be disrupted by spending hype energy. Dealing and receiving damage builds up Hype Energy which can be spent on Breakers to reverse an opponent’s attack or create custom combos. Activating their stock of Hype Energy at the right moment can be the decider between players inhaling the sweet smell of victory or laying on the ground bloodied, broken and shamed in defeat. 

Mighty Fight Federation is playable with up to four players and crossplay ensures that epic chaotic clashes can take place locally or online. Comprehensive tutorials and training modes mean players of all abilities and fighting game backgrounds can hit the ground running, while veteran fighters can be sure they are landing every punch in this balanced and highly-competitive brawler thanks to its rollback netcode. Whether it’s a mono-e-mono, a triple threat or a fatal four-way, competitors can jump into the action and join the foray 24/7. 


  • Battle with up to 4 players locally and online
  • Experience “what if” endings in Arcade Mode
  • Get good with comprehensive in-game tutorials and Training Mode
  • Pick from a roster of 13 outlandish characters, each with their unique play-styles, combos and special moves 
  • Place traps, throw explosive projectiles and charge in with rush-down combos
  • Build energy to spend on combo Breakers or spend it all on a Hype Factor activation that can turn the tide of battle. The right choice can make all the difference
  • Crossplay allows console and PC players to go toe-to-claw with each other
  • Rollback netcode ensures that competitive players know they have landed every combo
  • A killer soundtrack featuring music by Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania), James Landino (RWBY, No Straight Roads), Vince DiCola (Rocky IV, Transformers) and Manami Matsumae (Mega Man, Shovel Knight)
  • Mighty Fight will continue to grow our roster of fighters with new original and crossover characters!

Mighty Fight Federation is available now on Steam and the PlayStation Store for £23.79/$29.99. A Nintendo Switch version is set to release in March.  To get more Might Fight Federation news follow Forthright Entertainment on Twitter and like Forthright Entertainment on Facebook.

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