Calling All Wannabe Heroes, The Mighty Quest For Epic Loots Starts Now!

Journey to Opulencia to raid castles, slay a ton of evil creatures and pilfer sweet loot in the fastest action-RPG ever. We’ll even throw in a chicken sidekick.

Mobile Game Pre-Registration Starts Today

Paris, France (May 22nd 2019) – Today, Ubisoft announced that preregistrations and pre-orders are now open for its forthcoming free-to-play mobile game The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot. Aspiring Heroes can sign up now to be notified when the game launches and receive a bonus item. Anyone brave enough to pre-register is eligible to receive the unique pet “Bradley, the Doomsday Messenger” as a free reward after 1 million sign-ups when the game launches.

Knights and knaves sharpen your blades, for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot comes your way this summer. Heading to iOS and Android on July 9, this new action-RPG adventure promises a fast and thrilling experience as you battle your way through mysterious floating castles and hordes of creatures to uncover the piles of limitless wealth that lie within.

The Monarch of Opulencia is MIA. There is an opening for a new one just so long as you’re able to find the fabled Epic Loot.

With a mother-clucking heroic chicken at your side, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot thrusts you into the heat of battle against ferocious beasts, agitated wizards, fearsome warriors and even the occasional creepy-crawly.

Oh, and we forgot to mention all the bosses you’ll need to beat.

But fear not! You can even the odds by customizing your Hero’s skills and abilities with over 1000 items. Powerful weapons, mighty armour and mystical artefacts are all up for grabs on your perilous adventures.

As if the humongous PVE campaign isn’t enough, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot ensures that you’ll never be bored again by throwing a shed load of events and challenges into the mix. And that’s not all, you’ll also be able to test your mettle against thousands of other real-world Knights on the global leaderboards in PVP Arena combat.

Key features:

• Accessible fast-paced medieval mayhem, all controlled with a single thumb

• A wonderful world to conquer with 100s of colourful environments

• Build and customise your hero with over 1000 pieces of gear

• Loot, upgrade and enhance your sword, armour and artefacts

• Huge PVE campaign – learn the tricks and traps then crush the boss of each castle

• Tackle thrilling PVP arenas, take on other players to climb the leaderboards

• Never-ending-ever-changing events stuffed full of rewards and loot

• Mmmmmmmmmm loads and loads of lovely LOOT! Players can pre-register for The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot on the App Store and the Play Store

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